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Guys, do you like to watch your girlfriend pee?

My guy likes to watch me pee in the toilet. When I am sitting on the toilet, he will come over and watch me pee. Does that really turn you guys on?... Show More

Also girls, do any of your boyfriends like to watch you pee? Why?

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  • It doesn't turn me on. But, I'm not turned off by it. It's just something I don't think about really. If I need to go into the bathroom and she's peeing, I don't really care either way. It's just something we all do several times a day. On the flip side, I don't mind peeing in front of her either.

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  • Once for curiosity.

    • Curiosity about what?

  • Personally, it doesn't do anything for me, though its not a turn off either.


  • reading all these opinions makes *me* feel like the one with the "rare fetish"... lol ew...

  • I would not only love to see my girl pee but would also request her to pee on me all over. Unfortunately my ex-gf was too shy to do so. She did agree but when she tried, out of shyness she just couldnt, the pee just didn't come, unlucky me. Now I don't have a GF.

    I believe its a very intimate moment and It will also make me feel much close to her.

  • YES! But she won't let me. I love it!

  • It's a fetish more than anything else. I just do my own thing in the bathroom when my then gf's were peeing.

  • I think it depends on the guy. I'm pretty sure its a more "rare" fetish though, Personally I want nothing to do with a girl peeing. Not a turn on here. Maybe someone who likes it can shed some light on why this is attractive.

    • Its VERY VERY hot to see a guy pee and know he has to pee bad! I love it so much! I also love for him to watch me pee too but when I see a guy peeing WOW is it sexy!

  • ot just my girlfriend our female family and friends I watch too

  • for some reason

    i get turned on by it :D:D :@

    • But what do you like about it?

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    • Thats cool! one time my guy asked if I could pee standing up like him. I just laughed. I didn't say anything. Do you think I should do it standing up. Should I confront him about it or what. I hope this doesn't sound like a dumb question but do you think he gets turned on by me peeing in the toilet or do you think he just likes to watch? or is that basically the same thing? likes to watch/get turned on.

    • Likes to watch and turned on are different,,

      if you really think he really, like Really, likes it,, then Do it.

      him asking if you could do it standing up doesn't mean he gets turned on by it.

      is say don't try peeing standing up unless in the tub.. because it can get pretty messy ;) you know better :P

  • Well I know it turns me on. I don't know what it is it's just always been a huge turn on.

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