Aroused during massage?

My aunt and uncle have been giving me massages for a while, they are naturists and I am nude for the massage. Although the massage is nude, they avoid any contact with breasts or private area. But recently I have been getting wet during the massage. Should I stop having massages with them?


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  • Anyone would get aroused with massages. But any massages with a family member, is just plain gross.

  • I see no reason to stop the massages. Massages in the nude can be naturally arousing. If they are not touching any private areas or doing anything inappropriate my advice would be just to enjoy.

  • Well... How frequent are these massages and what area of the body do they generally focus on? I can explain why you're getting wet if I know.

    And honestly, as long as you don't do anything about the wetness (if you know what I mean), I see no problem with it. Your body is merely reacting to a pleasurable stimuli, and doesn't necessarily mean anything bad... Unless you're attracted to your aunt or uncle. Then there's a problem.


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  • You should definitely... =l