Guys, a girl sucking on your neck?

when a guy kisses and sucks on my neck it almost pushes me over the edge.. it feels sooooo good! Do you guys like it when a girl is kissing your neck? or are there any other sensitive spots that you love a girl to kiss and suck (besides your penis of course lol)


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  • i like the neck area too some guys like there nipples been touched and licked but the neck thing for me feel really good too

  • neck is a great place

  • the neck is my spot it sends chills down my spine, and also my earlobes it just does something to me.

  • neck definitely

What Girls Said 1

  • Grrrrrl, I totally agree with you there. (:

    • WoW, you start growling even with the thought of it!=)

    • Lol yes ma'am! haha