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How late is "late" to lose your virginity?

After what age do you personally consider to be "late" to lose your virginity? Apparently, new studies show losing your virginity later may make you... Show More

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  • I haven't read any thing to confirm that but it doesn't surprise me. Having sex is pretty normal so I would think if you aren't having it for some extended period of time .you might get weird. Plus if you want to get good in bed, you need practice. ha.you better get crackin.lol

What Girls Said 6

  • I think there might be a bit of a bias in that study. I think more of the kind of people who would wait until later to have sex would be the type that would be inept anyway.

  • its never too late. I lost mine when I was 19 but I know people that are well into their 20's that are still virgins

  • well I'm not really one to talk because I'm still a virgin at 20, but I just feel whenever someone is ready, is when they should lose their virginity. People can just tend to put a time limit on the subject, and I don't see how that is fair. It is unneeded pressure.

  • I was almost 21 and waited until I got married, but I knew a woman who was 30 and waiting till she got married. I think later is better, because you are more prepared to handle the risks associated with sex.

  • I know of people who are still virgins at 27, I'm ten years younger than this and not a virgin. I don't think there is a specific age you should or shouldn't lose your virginity, its not a big deal

What Guys Said 2

  • Unless someone has been taught how to have sex then they are going to be inept their first time. I would agree that the longer one waits the more stories a person invents about what sex is or what it should look like, but I don't know that they can't be de-programmed.

  • 19 is too late. a nice, solid figure. You should have sex by the end of your first year of college or whatever is equivalent. If you don't, you will be a bad lay.

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