Do you ladies like being picked up? Like lifted and carried?

Would you like it if a guy lifted you up and carried you while making out?

Oh I meant like he stopped for second and carried you over to a chair or something and put you on his lap you were straddling him kinda. Making out and doing that at the same time would be hard haha

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  • In theory, it'd be really romantic and cool, but I'm not sure that would actually work. Mostly because the guy would have to bend his head at a really awkward angle to kiss me. xD

    • Haha ok thanks

    • Ah, now that the update cleared things up, yes. That would be really fun and an effective way of getting my attention. :P

What Girls Said 15

  • its cute :)

  • Yesssssssss! Haha it makes me feel like a princess.

  • yeahh;)

  • yeshhhhhhhhhhh :P

  • Yes! ;)

  • it is possible and yes we do..i personally love it. It's one of those aaawww moments when you feel really special by your boyfriend :)

  • yeah :D

  • I normally don't like being picked up but this is one of those exceptions (:

  • i like it alot.especially when were kissing..and he sets me on the counter or something taller like that and he stands there and still kisses me.. Its cute lol

  • deff. that would be soo cutee ; )

  • I like being picked up by guys even when we're not making out, my guy friends pick me up all the time and I love it. I like it even more when I'm making out and a guy picks me up. I don't weigh that much but when a guy just effortlessly picks me up and keeps me up for awhile I just can't help but like cause I'm just like, "omg he's so strong, I love it!"

  • hell yeah!

  • really cute actually

  • Would be a bit uncomfortable I would think, but anything is worth a try.

    • Yeah I updated to clear that up haha

  • That'd be hot;)

What Guys Said 3

  • yes

  • My girlfriend enjoys it, and I enjoy doing it to her. As a tip for the guys who may not be as strong, have the girl wrap her legs around your waist to help support her. Sometimes it's fun to do anyway.

  • if the girl is small she might like it but I don't think in general its a great idea or does it work . or I mean always practical a lot of the time