My ex girlfriend raped me, help!

I'm a bit confused. The other night my ex came over late. I didn't know why she showed up. She's a very strong girl, softball player who works out a lot. And when she was there we got into an argument. She kicked me in the stomach and floored me instantly. While I was on the ground she started to... Show More

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  • well that's a little scary! Id say smack her on the ass so hard she almost bleeds grab her by the hair make her get on he knees and tell her to suck it. just to see if she like to be treated like how she treated you... then you will know by her reaction whether or not the sex life is going to be abusive (not healthy) or really good!
    Otherwise you could always find another girl that's into rough play an being in control but still cares about you in a relationship so you don't feel like a weirdo...
    Sorry if that's a bit full on :)
    Good luck!

    • The thing is I'm dating another girl who I really like a lot. And I honestly don't think I can take her.

    • Sounds like an excuse to be "raped" by you ex but enjoy it without calling it cheating. I'm sure that if you really didn't want it to happen you would have done some physical damage to her anyway you could to get her to leave you alone. What happened right after the sex?

    • Well I actually tried getting up after she knocked me down and took a swing at her. But I missed and she cracked me in the face. I tried. I'm really embaressed. The initial kick took me by surprise too. She really did overpower me. She held me down during the sex, then afterwards, she got up told me that I'm pretty much her property, and then she left.