My ex girlfriend raped me, help!

I'm a bit confused. The other night my ex came over late. I didn't know why she showed up. She's a very strong girl, softball player who works out a lot. And when she was there we got into an argument. She kicked me in the stomach and floored me instantly. While I was on the ground she started to yell at me telling me I'm a weak little ***** and can't even handle a girl. I got up and swung at her, but she leveled me with a punch to the face leaving me dazed. She made me kiss her boots to get her to stop while degrading me. Then pulled my pants off and had sex with me. She said that I'm her slave for now on. I'm not sure what to do.

I don't understand how I was overpowered by a girl.


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  • well that's a little scary! Id say smack her on the ass so hard she almost bleeds grab her by the hair make her get on he knees and tell her to suck it. just to see if she like to be treated like how she treated you... then you will know by her reaction whether or not the sex life is going to be abusive (not healthy) or really good!
    Otherwise you could always find another girl that's into rough play an being in control but still cares about you in a relationship so you don't feel like a weirdo...
    Sorry if that's a bit full on :)
    Good luck!

    • The thing is I'm dating another girl who I really like a lot. And I honestly don't think I can take her.

    • Sounds like an excuse to be "raped" by you ex but enjoy it without calling it cheating. I'm sure that if you really didn't want it to happen you would have done some physical damage to her anyway you could to get her to leave you alone. What happened right after the sex?

    • Well I actually tried getting up after she knocked me down and took a swing at her. But I missed and she cracked me in the face. I tried. I'm really embaressed. The initial kick took me by surprise too. She really did overpower me. She held me down during the sex, then afterwards, she got up told me that I'm pretty much her property, and then she left.

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  • Oh please you were not raped! if she held you down what made you get an erection? you were both willing participants in this event, and you are now trying to clear your conscious, I just feel sorry for your poor girlfriend...Bad boy!

    • That would be her hand rubbing me. I was afraid of her at that point. I didn't want to fight back since she already kicked my ass. Getting beat up and humiliated and having to beg at her feet for her to stop is not being willing. It's extremely pathetic, and emasculating though.

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    • Toulouse, I wasn't speaking to you, make your comment and leave others alone! you are so naive! who died and made you Head -psychiatrist? and please no response.

    • ... You disgust me

  • wow you poor thing, if I were you I'd get e restraing order, if your turned on by that, WTF?

    • I don't know. I was hard, but scared. I'm really confused on what any of this means.

  • Report her to the police! Rape is a serious crime and she can't get away with it!

  • Only you can really tell if you were raped. But don't listen to yeths... rape victims, especially men, do get turned on because it's just how their bodies react. And as far as not hurting her back, that's simple. Men are taught not to hit women all of their lives to the point it becomes instinct...
    I can't give you a sure answer since I don't know what you wanted, but if you do feel violated (and not just in a fun, kinky way) don't be afraid to press charges because of how your body reacted.

  • Call the cops

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  • Call the cops. Press charges. Just because she's a girl doesn't mean she gets away with rape.

  • Stand up to her next time. >__> Don't let your guard down. You don't have to take self-defence classes to at least be able to tell when the other person's gonna pull some sh*t like that.

    Tell her to stop coming over to your house because you don't want to see her anymore. If she shows up again, don't let her in. I doubt she'll start anything outside your house.

  • Police and restraining order. I know a woman that's a corrections officer and she's a tough woman. Served in the military for 8 years and can kick the snot out of most men. Just because she's a woman doesn't mean it's ok to assault people and then as you stated rape you.

    (This is a rare occasion for a woman to assault a man and rape them, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.)

    Secondly, all these women saying, "How were you raped and you had an erection." If you don't have a penis of your own ladies... don't pretend that you know how they work. An erection is very possible in a man being raped. If he was afraid of her and didn't want to be assaulted again, he's going to get an erection pretty fast so that she isn't upset with him not being hard.

  • wow, you're in a tough spot, I don't even know what to say :(.

  • Keep us updated, would like to know what happened after.

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