Girlfriend wants a 3 way?

my girlfriend and I have only been dating about 4 months. She has recently told me that she is bi curious and interested in a having another woman join us. I've never done this before are there rules to follow in doing this like should it be a friend or stranger and do I have sex with them both or just watch?


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  • Well seeing as she is bi curious and was the one that brought up her interest in other women then I think you should let her take the lead on this one ask her what she has in mind who she has in mind and what she wants from you in this 3some. Whether she wants you to have sex with this other girl or not.

    The reason I say this is because I'd never do it cos I won't share my man with anyone, but also I have a couple of girlfriend that have an the regretted it cos they couldn't get it out of their head of their Boyfriend literally having sex with another girl.

    I'm not against people doing this its just not for me. I'd rather it stay fantasy cos there arnt any emotions and feelings to watch out for.

    I think it would be best to have sex with just your girlfriend but everything else would be ok.

    Also if your not comfortable with it don't do it or tell her before you do, the things that you don't want to do while its happening.

    Many girls don't think girl on girl is cheating but you boyfriend on another girl not allowed at all.

    I don't know about other men but my partner considers me with another girl cheating and he wouldn't have a 3some.

    Stranger or friend leave it up to her or tell her you preference.

    Good luck!


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  • Well the reason it is a 3 way is because you get to take part in the fun. Only rule I could suggest is spend a little more attention with your girlfriend than the other girl, but f**k them both good. Let your girlfriend find the other party and be ready to see some great carpet munching besides having two girls on you at one time.

  • I've never done this because I have jealousy issues and seeing my guy screw another girl would not make me feel good.

    I do have a male friend who has done this with his girlfriend and her friend numerous times. From what he's told me give both of them equal attention, maybe a little more for your girl, but do not focus more on the other girl.

    Then again it could be different for everyone I would talk to her about it just to be safe, let her find the other girl, and ask her how she wants you to do things, like just watch or whatever.

  • Yeah, I would definately ask her what she has in mind. It might just be that she wants to see what its like with a girl and wants you to know about it, so has invited you along for the pun intended.

    You need to discuss whether she has anyone in mind or is thinking of a total stranger.

    I personally would always be wary of someone you both knew for fear of reprisals or unexpected jealousy.

    I had a friend who arranged a 3some with her friend and her guy, and she found she actually wasn't into the actual thing (just the mental fantasy of it) and was distraught when her friend and boyfriend were too into it to notice she wasn't enjoying it.

    There are loads of scenarios I think you should discuss before even trying.

  • well you really ke her and feel comfortable doing this than you practically do everything together. but if you feel a little weird than the best thing to do is walk straight out of it. If you end up dumping her AFTER this 'arangemen' and you get a new girl, eventually this will come up, and you'll constantly get dumped. So my best advice would be to avoid it

  • Ask her what she has in mind, and who. Make sure y'all are ready for the extra drama that goes along with this sort of thing.

    • Make it all about her (your girlfriend) let her have her time to experience what it is she's been wanting and show her a lot more attention during.

    • How can I get my girlfriend to have a 3 Way? Her friend from college is coming to visit us next weekend and I want to know how can I get my girlfriend to have a 3 way with me and her girlfriend. She told me stories about how they hooked up in college all the time when they were drunk and I want to sleep with both of them! If anyone who reads the blog has managed to talk their girlfriend into doing a M?nage ? trois please let me know how you made the 3-way happen.

  • firstly get someone fit so you can both enjoy fantasizing her but don't make either of them left out... might wanna do a foursome its easier trust me...and they are SOO GOOD! OMG you are going to love it, first time might be weird but me and some gals and guys of mine hooked up and its amazing :P So if you need someone experienced, I am your babe :P just wondered how bigs your disco stick and her melons and I'll give out mine :P

    suck you later babe :P xx

  • id do it if I was you


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  • Three big rules:


    Reassure yourselves constantly that your relationship is sound, and that adding someone won't change it. Also means the third can't be a drama queen, a psycho, a basket case, or anyone that can blow your relationship up.


    She's doing you a very generous favor. Abundant, obvious gratitude is mandatory.


    Feelings of jealousy, resentment, abandonment, have to be dealt with early and openly, as do freakouts and wild crushes. This is true in any relationship, but extra people are extra drama, that require extra attention.

    There are other small mistakes to make, but those are small and reparable. These are big and fatal.

  • The rules are whatever you and your girlfriend decide. Communication is key to avoiding someone getting hurt. Even if you feel something is obvious discuss it beforehand so everything is crystal clear.

    Ask your girlfriend if she simply wants you to watch or to participate. Remember, communication is key.

    There are advantages and disadvantages for stranger vs friend that you will have to weigh with your girlfriend and decide upon. For example, a stranger could make you more uncomfortable but you don't have to worry about seeing that person in your day-to-day life after the fact if things were to get awkward.

  • Have you asked her if she had anyone particular in mind?

  • you must do this especially if your girl said something about it. A 3 way with 2 girls and me id probably never pass it up might be your only chance foreal go for it

  • Yes...there are rules. But you two make them. And there are questions that need to be answered.

    1. Can you handle watching her and another woman?

    2. Can she handle watching YOU with that woman?

    3. Is this a 1 time thing?

    4. Who will choose the woman?

    There will be more careful.

    A friend wanted his wife to do this...she ended up leaving him for her.

    I had a 3-way with a was great.

    It can go a lot of different ways.

  • well if you don accept it now you will regret this ur whole life...a chance wid two gals wow...

  • its everymans dream to have a 3 way if you don't do this ur missing out and ull look back to this and wish you had done the three way id totally do it

  • watch but have sex with your girlfriend. if you don't care too much to lose her stick your d*** in both. Other than that just go with the flow you lucky bastard haha