Guys (or girls) do you enjoy having your ear sucked or licked during makeouts and such?

So I was wondering about ear licking/sucking during make outs or sex or whatever. I wasn't sure if guys really like that? The first time I did it I sucked on this guy's earlobe and he seemed like he really liked it but then other times when I did it he didn't respond as much to it. And he tried it... Show More

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  • i like it, but it's something, I think, that goes nice with other things. kiss up his neck, try the ear . . . the main thing is just pay attention to his breathing and reactions and you'll know what he's liking. different people like different things and different things even feel different from day to day . . . just just enjoy experimenting. I WILL say that something with sensitive spots that ears, if you go overboard and can start to feel annoying for some reason . . . like sensory overload. try moving around a lot with teasing kisses and licks, don't focus on one spot TOO much.