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Guys (or girls) do you enjoy having your ear sucked or licked during makeouts and such?

So I was wondering about ear licking/sucking during make outs or sex or whatever. I wasn't sure if guys really like that? The first time I did it I... Show More

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  • i like it, but it's something, I think, that goes nice with other things. kiss up his neck, try the ear . . . the main thing is just pay attention to his breathing and reactions and you'll know what he's liking. different people like different things and different things even feel different from day to day . . . just just enjoy experimenting. I WILL say that something with sensitive spots that ears, if you go overboard and can start to feel annoying for some reason . . . like sensory overload. try moving around a lot with teasing kisses and licks, don't focus on one spot TOO much.

What Guys Said 9

  • i like when a girl nibbles on my earlob a little bit(lightly of course). sucking is ok. I guess its kinda personal preference though some will like it some won't.

  • I have never been a fan of the whole ear thing. If a girl is running her hand through my hair and tugs or rubs my ear a little bit while we are just laying there together yeah its fine cause it kinda tickles and feels good, but as for kissing I like the neck and a little bit of playful lower lip sucking is good too.

  • not so much my ear but when I do it to my girlfriend and I hear and see her react.. Mmmm

  • I had a girlfriend who would lick inside my ear. And clear out all the wax. Man I miss her

  • For me, my ears and my neck seem to be two of the most sensitive erogenous zones on my body. I've only been with one girl who really went after my ears with any agression, but when she did, I would melt. She and I never had sex, but I would say we had some eargasms!

    There has never been another like her and I still dream of her affections.


  • I love when girl lick/suck my earlobe it feel awwwsome but some people dont like it

  • I Love It personally. It instantly gets me hard! Haha and who knows what will happen from there if you know what I mean!?

  • Sure it saves money on not having to buy Q-Tips. Though some women think it is like eating waxed fruit everyone has different taste. I say wax on wax off. Sorry I just had to write this stuff it was to good to pass up.

What Girls Said 3

  • omg, I think I can come in seconds if my ears get sucked, licked bitten. its rarely pleasure but man its like getting my pu$$y sucked. damn!

  • Well my boyfriend doesn't like it done to him and me well It gives me shivers an tickles so much I can't help but squirm which he thinks is Gr8! lol It turns me on but only because he gets turned on.

    So maybe its more about the reaction and not so much about how you do it?

  • i haven't tried it on my boyfriend but he's done it to me and damn I love itt .

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