How can I loosen up so I can have and maybe even enjoy anal sex?

I'm really really tight so it hurts soo bad! I have used 3 different types of anal ease as well as various other things that are supposed to numb it but nothing works anymore. If I use a thin vibrator a few times a week, do you think that will help?


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  • an ex-girlfriend of mine really enjoyed anal sex, but she was too tight for me to enter her. she and I found that if we stacked up pillows so she could lay on them on her stomach she was able to relax her anus better, and the angle made it better for both of us. we also had to use a LOT of lube, but I think the position helped more than anything else we tried.


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  • You don't have to have anal if it hurts...

  • use A LOT of lube


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  • this may work for u. try a spooning position (on ur side), use plenty of lube and relax. have your partner go in very gently and slowly just a little bit and hold it. he can kiss your neck or play with your breasts to get you stimulated and get ur mind off of that so that you can relax a bit more. when you feel more relaxed have him withdraw, not all the way and go in again this time a little further. as you continue you may learn how to relax and take more in. once you have succeeded complete penetration. a few sessions like this may help you get ready to try different positions, but this one for some reason takes the pressure off and helps get you going! :) idk, the vibrator might work too, but the way I described, I think, is way better.