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Why do women love doggy so much?

I know some women hate it, but this question is toward the women who absolutely love it. - What is it that makes you love it? - Do you enjoy some... Show More

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  • I love doggie style. It's my absolute favorite for most of those reasons. The angle is so much more intense than other positions. It's deeper with is also great. And it's so much more fun with things to do, which also normally tend to be rough. It's great for hair pulling and ass slapping. Some guys even do a little choking. Not many other positions allow for easy access to do these things, let alone all of them.Since I also love rough sex, doggie style just enhances that.Normally I do it in a standing position. I'm standing and bend over, normally I rest my hands or elbows on the bed. I'm in college, so its just a mattress on the floor to give you a better idea of the angle.So because of the angles, deeper penetration, and more options for play, it's my favorite position.

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  • It is my absolute favorite position and for these reasons:It is the position my partner can drive into me the deepest and hardestI have control of the angle that the penis is in me and can direct to that special spotGives my partner a great viewPartners hands are free to do many things, pull my hair, massage my shoulders and back, reach around and fondle my titties, reach around and massage my clitIf my partner wants to rest he can just stay kneeling and I can do the pumping, which is hot for a guy to watchGREAT! Now I am horny and nobodys home! Go Figure

  • Well what makes me love it is the deep penetration. And it makes me feel sexy its a " I can't get you undressed fast enough" type that is wild but can also be intimate. I think its ok if the slaps my ass sometimes but I don't like it to hard. I like it when its deep penetration, that's what makes me love it so much. Sometimes I have my face down and bum up when I have my orgasm because for me orgasms make me tired . Lol But most of the time I'm on my elbows

  • I love doggy because it so rough I love the hip grabbing, the way he grabs me by my hips and pulls me onto his **** and thrusts his d*** completely into me. I love the hair pulling and the way he bends me back and tells me dirty sh*t in my ear. The way he spanks me and it makes my ass jiggle. I love it! It gets to go so deep and I feel like he needs me and like I need it! There are all sorts of ways depends where you are, Like in the shower you can just grab your ankles and hold on for the ride, off the side of the bed resting on your arms, on the bed ass up face down...ahhh sooo fun

    • I got pretty hard reading this! ;)

  • I love it cause of the roughness, the pulling of the hair and the ass slapping. Obviously the deep penetration is good, and It varies between elbows and face down.

  • The roughness is what makes it amazing for me. I completely love being spanked and having my hair pulled so it's the best position. I also love when the guy whispers dirty things in my ear when he's soo deep in me. It's so hot and intense! Usually I have my ass up and my face down, but it varies.

  • -I like kind of being dominated, not like "Bend down slut" But I like it rough.-I like it when he pulls my hair when I'm bent over, it's a weird think, but ya.-I like it deep, lol.-And I do both of those, usually when it's on the bed it's face down ass up, but when it's anywhere else I rest on my elbows.Hope it helps (:

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  • I like it because it's really comfortable. If I'm standing at the edge of the bed and I've got some pillow under her midsection, good god I can pound away for hours. Plus, I'd consider myself an ass man and there is nothing better than looking down at that ass, slapping it, squeezing it, pulling her hair, hands on her shoulders and just controlling her hips... it's goooooood.

    • Amen brother

  • they like to be treated like a B***H

    • Deffo this reason I love it ;) being his whore :) xx

    • Deffo this one ;) I love being his whore being spanked hair pulled chocked god I just love it x

    • What he said

  • because there are spots deep inside her that give her more pleasure when you hit them

  • Ok so 7 out of the 7 women responded by saying they loved the "deep penetration". If size doesn't matter why does it matter how deep? Women are liars by nature...unfortunatley.

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