What turns a guy on when making out?

Tips on good technique's, pleasure spots, thing's guys like .ect and are guys a fans of lip biting? Do's and Don'ts would help.


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  • there's my specialty with one hand rub their chest and slowly move it to just above their pants softly rub them while giving them a little nibble on the ear, a soft kiss on the neck or just while kissing ( this as I have been told it the Big turn on ) its a total tease but they like it.


What Guys Said 2

  • I like to be teased - lip biting, ear nibbling, biting my neck or shoulders, massage, long kissing sessions while touching and rubbing, running her nails down my back, her breath in my ear or on my neck.just tease me in general and I will love it!

  • All over... LOL


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  • From my experiences I have found that most guys like the lip biting

    some times they will do it to you, or they will want you to do it to them

    another spot is the ear

  • Major turn on's, at least for my guy are: Biting his neck or lips. Nibbling on his ears etc. Pretty much any form of light biting or nibbling. Although I recently found out he loves when I play with his nipples, most girls forget about this part on guys. They're supposed to be just as sensitive as our nipples :)

  • my pleasure spot is the ears. that's my boyfriends too

  • ok I know a good amount of guys like the biting of the lip, just don't bite too hard, um you can nibble on their earlobe I know that that turns them on

    • Oh I forgot to tell u, suck their tongue, like just grab and suck it while its in ur mouth, not for long just real quick

  • i don't know too much about lip biting, but doing creative thing with food is always fun. like the whipped cream and strawberries bit. my favorite is ear sucking but maybe that's just me

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