Guys- which do you prefer a girl to smell like down there?

in general... what's your preference?

im not really sure what the choices are for girls to smell like.. so, girls, what is your scent?

  • Sweet
    24% (4)62% (10)42% (14)Vote
  • Salty
    0% (0)0% (0)0% (0)Vote
  • Sour
    0% (0)0% (0)0% (0)Vote
  • Fishy
    0% (0)0% (0)0% (0)Vote
  • Not sure/other
    76% (13)38% (6)58% (19)Vote
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the options I listed would be considered 'natural'. even after bathing, the natural smell comes back after about half an hour, the salty, sour, or sweet smell I'm speaking of are not from perfumes. so "fresh" would not be an option..
because that is not natural.
wow.. this poll gave me ZERO information, except that the rest of you have just as little information on this topic as I do, men and women alike. read each others answers, you all have wrong ideas.
- a girl can smell sour, how? well, I'm not a dr., so google it.

- a girl can not be odorless, like one of the girls said, there is always some sort of odor.


Most Helpful Girl

  • To me every girl at some point tasted at least 2 of these.. So am not gunna vote, But I gotta say there is nothing called sour when it comes to Vagina!

    You can't control how you smell like, even if you washed with soap or added perfume or whatever. It could give it a bonus but today you could be salty and tomorrow you could be sweet, It all depends on what you ate that day.

    But there is something that guys must understand there is nothing called odorless! cause even what seems to be odorless, has a little smell and its the natural smell of vagina. There is no Odorless vagina!


What Guys Said 9

  • You left out 'Clean and Fresh' for a choice. So I can't vote any of those choices. She just needs to be completely shaven, clean and odorless.

    • Well, the fifteen girls whose clits I've licked neither tasted 'sweet', or 'salty' (she was not sweating like a pig down there), or 'sour' and especially NOT 'fishy'. They were all CLEAN, SHAVEN and had absolutely NO odor about them. I may add they all had many men before me and knew how to clean and maintain themselves so I guy would not have a bad experience having his face on her vulva. They've all heard the horror stories of 'how BAD she smelled between her legs!'.

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    • As I said I've been down on many girls and have not yet experienced any odor. There were far more girls that I had been with until I started tonguing their clits because I was too afraid of some horrible odor as so many guys claimed. One day I took a chance and there was no odor I could perceive. Ever since I've been going down and still no odor found. I don't know what it's called by girls can buy this special wash that's Ph balanced or something and removes all odor.

    • Douching is very unhealthy for women to do. you rather women risk themselves to infection in order for you to have this so called "no odor" ?

  • As you said you can't get rid of that smell unless you having sex or he eats your RIGHT A WAY after shower or in the shower. I like little smell it turns me on.

  • I would prefer no smell.

  • I think sweet is probably the most desired I don't think there's a single guy who would enjoy it smelling fishy down there.

  • No smell or odors at all! Nice, clean and fresh

  • Other: She just needs to smell good and clean, no funny odors.

  • I like the lightly musky smell of a girl's clean genitals.

    What does "sour" smell like?

  • Id probably just prefer a clean smell, like perfume or soap. Definately not fishy

  • Down where ?


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  • I'm not sure how any girl would smell like anything other than natural or freshly cleaned.

    You really shouldn't be putting anything down there other than water. No perfumes or soaps. You are self cleaning, while you can use soap to clean up the outside, putting anything on the inside can mess up your natural system. And it's what's on the inside that gives it an odor.

    • Alright, well I've never known or heard of anyone having a naturally sweet smelling odor. Unless its just dirty talk of course lol..

      So I guess most of the time we (my friends and I) just aim for odorless. Not that it's really possible, but we try.

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    • Only if you're naturally odorless. You can't change how you naturally smell.

    • You can wash it with water and no soap, that will get the odorless "smell"

  • to answer your question again! Yes a girl could never taste sourish nor spicy that's just not on the list, Either salty or sweet.

    Even fishy is also not a taste its just a smell if the girl is filthy or something.

    Sweet and salty actually smells as a normal vagina which is impossible to describe.

    Simple if you re asking this question because you want yours to smell and taste good and almost every guy would say that they like it sweet then your answer is eat Pineapple, Stay away from dairy and meat on the day you re gunna have sex.

    After all it all depends on what you ATE and the personal hygiene.

    • My question was about smell, not taste... so.... your response is basically pointless.

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    • You're kind of sounding psychotic.. I'm shocked that you're fighting me on this.

    • Oh why are you taking this so seriously!!! You asked a question and I answered! and ofcourse fruity, sweet musky are added scents, Jeez..

  • Why can't people directly say 'vulva' or 'vagina'? Instead of saying, 'down there' or whatever. Its not THAT big of a deal. Watch, vagina. See? Not that difficult.. Lol