Question for girls (First reaction to seeing an adult penis)?

O.K. My question is to the girls out their, what was your first reaction or thought when you saw an adult penis? I was reading/had friends tell me when they saw an adult penis for the first time they did not know how it could fit into them. Did the size of it scary you? Big or small. I am just wondering for my wedding night.

What were you thinking when you saw it?


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  • i was thinking "ewww it's funny looking, wtf how is that supposed to fit!"


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  • My first thoughts were that it was cute and very different than what my brothers looked like

    • "very different than what my brothers looked like"

      lol wow

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    • He said ADULT penis lol last I checked you at least need to have gone through puberty to have an adult size penis

    • Apparently neither one of you guys got much past 3rd grade when it comes to speaking and understanding the english language. Have a freind with a 6th grade education or higher read my answer too you and explain to you simpletons that we are talking about an adult penis, and only referenced the brothers.

  • lol well I saw one the first time I saw a guy naked. We were fooling around and my clothes were already off so he got up to lock his door and took his pants/boxers off and it just swung out lol. But my first thought was "So that's what one of those look like?" I gave my first handjob that day so I wasn't scare of it but just curious. It amazes me that the whole thing is actually suppose to fit inside of you which I know will hurt. I actally gave my first bj that day too which was fun. Good memories! But I have only seen one guy naked and I believe he was big so I don't know what a small one looks like..

  • the first time I saw an adult penis I just thought ok now what do I do I learned how to blow that night but I'm sure it wasn't good since I didn't know what I was doing and at the time I didn't know about deepthroat or anything. you have to show her what you like and if your blessed and huge just start off slow and keep talking to her the whole time. small is never good, actually if your small then you should definitely be with a virgin who has nothing to compare it to and at that point who cares what she thinks she's not gonna feel it anyway.

    • I like this girl.. :-)

    • I bet it was good- if the guy likes you he will enjoy the attention and the feeling of your mouth on his penis.

  • my honest opinion when I first saw a penis was that it was ugly and that I thought it would hurt when we had sex lol.

  • WOW

  • me personally I would freak out. I am ALWAYS scared of things that I think will hurt. You did not want to see me when I had to get some teeth pulled. Not a good day. I would be a little scared to tell ya the truth!

  • I grew up in a house with two big brothers so I pretty much got the male anatomy when I was young. When I was older and saw one erect and ya it wasn't even worth thinking about I was to worried about me being good or what I'm suppose to do to think about it. The size didn't scare me cause I went to health class like I know the human body pretty well to not be shocked at stuff.


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  • My girlfriend was mainly exclaiming how weird it was.