I can't turn my girlfriend on anymore?

Me and my girlfriend have been dating for a year and a half now, and over the past month or so her sex drive has dramatically dropped. I don't understand why, she always used to be very cuddly and kissing, but now she barely even bothers to kiss me. She just left the house about 15 min ago, we... Show More

Update Judging by some of the replies, on "I'm not good enough anymore." I'm just going to confront her asking her if she just doesn't feel it anymore and give her an excuse to leave if she wants.

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  • This sounds like what happened to me & my EX-wife. It started where you are at now, eventually sex stopped completely, she'd give me oral once in awhile to shut me up. Eventually oral stopped too. Then things like kissing, touching, even being together.

    Eventually I had enough. Hired a private detective and he provided me with evidence that she was having an affair. She claimed she was going to work a part time bartending job about 40 miles from where we lived, in fact she was going to be with him. I filed for divorce the next day. There is much more to that store, but that's enough for now.

    There is either someone else for her, she's not in love with you anymore or there is a really deep emotional thing going on with her that you don't know about. Whichever way it is, you need to lay down the law right away and let her know, if she can't change her ways and give you want you need. IT'S OVER!

    • I'm sure she's not cheating on me. There's no time for her to cheat on me, she doesn't leave or do anything suspicious that would even indicate that. She's never even cheated on anyone before, and I've had a discussion with her before if she ever wanted to cheat on me she should just be upfront and break up with me. (I'm in the Marine Corps, so I've already had the "cheating talk" with her.)

    • Reading some of your other replies "She said she feels like she's not good enough for me." I've heard that several times. That typically means in my experience, "In her mind the relationship is over. She's staying with you to not hurt your feelings. She's going through the motions as much as possible to keep the peace. Yet, she feels guilty about it because she should be giving you much more, but she can't because she doesn't feel it anymore. That's what she means by I'm not good enough for you.