Kissing all over face

What does it mean when a guy kisses a girl all over her face really slow. Like nose, cheek, lips, forehead, chin, eye lids, neck.?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Sounds like the guy is trying to be tender with you which is a good indication that he cares for you and not just wanting to f*** and go. When I first started dating my husband he used to do that to me when we were intimate and it kind of freaked me out. One day I was talking to a girlfriend of mine about it (who is much older than me) and she told me he was in love with me. I didn't believe her. I just thought he was kind of a corny guy but it turned out she was right. It took me a little more time but I did eventually fall in love with him and we've been married now for 8 years.

    • What age did you start dating him?

    • Sorry but not sure about it.I met this guy who was kissing me all over my face, real tender for a long time. He kept on kissing my nose, cheeks, etc. ; however, after that night I left his town and haven't seen him since; in so many words he didn't want to keep in touch with me even though it felt like he had a feeling for me, so the bottom line is that doesn't necessarily menas he is in love.

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  • I think it means you have a good guy there and he probably loves you!


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  • My boyfriend does that. I think it is because he really cares about me and knows how much I like it and how loved it makes me feel. We're really open with each other and have been since the start. Little things like the way a guy kisses you can show a lot about him. Tenderness shows care and love.