Girlfriend likes to watch me get hard?

So like my girlfriend apparently likes me to show her that I'm soft then shell do something to tease me, usually without touching me and likes to watch me gradual get hard in front of her..I kinda thinks its cool I mean I never thought it was such a big can any explain what the appeal this normal?


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  • Ego Boost.she likes the idea that she's the reason why you ve got a hard on. As if she is controlling you by teasing you, its actually hot. It makes her feel good about herself that she is really hot and that she is truning you on without even touching you... Ofcourse she's going to be happy and you should be, because trust me some girls don't even know how to turn a guy on!Guys do that too. Why don't you try it on your girlfriend and drive her insane! But you do know that the point of all this is mind blowing sex after all this heat heat heat!

    • Thats true, But knowing that she is the reason why you re turned on is simply hot.

    • Honestly my girlfriend just like strips down playfully and says things...nothing extreme....honestly I coudl get hard from just giving her a hug lol

    • Sure but some girls are clueless HOW TO turn him on without or with touching! like seducing, playfull, teasing act... ofcourse guys get turned on easily but am not just saying when you look at a girl who isn't actually trying to do that... am saying when she is doing it or purpose to drive him nuts! its hot and good for the sex life

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  • Ha I like to watch because I don't have a penis so its just interesting to see, but I get so freaking horny knowing I'm the one turning him on. Especially when it's without touching. I will tease my boyfriend while he's sleeping to watch him get hard and wake him up with a blow job.

    • Haha bet he appreciates it! lol

  • Perfectly normal. She probably gets turned on knowing that she turns you on. Nothing is sexier than knowing that someone wants you.

  • She probably just likes seeing that she is turning you on and knowing that she is the one that caused it. I don't know if it's normal or not but I like doing that when I'm with my boyfriend too. It basically just makes me feel good to know that he likes what he's seeing or feeling (me) lol

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  • the appeal is for her knowing that she is the one that is getting you hard

  • seems to be pretty normal..especially when it's them getting you hard, my girl says it's because she likes knowing that she turns me on.