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Guys, what would you do if you turned into a woman?

My guy friend told me that if he had woman's body, he'd have sex with as many men as possible and stopped working, so that his boyfriend would... Show More

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  • Well, assuming I was aware of the switch, I'd have to satisfy all the curiosities my male psyche harbors about women. The first thing I would do is explore my new body and masturbate to see what it's like. I would definitely see what financial gain I could get out of men using my feminine wiles, and what I could get them to do for me by keeping them on a string. I don't think that concept is foreign to women anyway. However I would probably be more promiscuous than women normally are and do a lot of experimenting, but not without some planning and method to it. My motive would be to find out what I could experience and what I could get away with, not just bagging bed time. On the other hand, the idea of being dependent on anyone is not appealing to me at all. I might try to take a guy to the cleaners to fill up my bank account, but I would never look for someone to support me.

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  • "Starr", I think that many of us / women and men think about this more than we want to admit...A lady friend, from 10 years ago, and I talked about it...and she wanted to know what it felt like to have a penis ...and to penetrate a woman's vagina...and what it felt like to ejaculate...because we had been together for two years and saw each others pleasure and excitement during sex. When your guy said what he said: he'd have sex with as many men as possible..."Probably many men would like to know what the feeling of being 'penetrated' and *&^%$#, is like...I would like to know what my partner feels when my penis goes into her ...? I would probably do the same,...have sex with as many men as possible...(with some constraints, like most women use) I look at the women that come to my office...and see the alluring way they dress,...and obviously know how it effects me and the way I feel about it...I sometimes have the feeling, that if I were a beautiful woman with education, and moneyI could have the world eating out of my hand...on their hands and knees. Truth of the matter is ...that many of us mortals...see the opposite sex in a superior position in some aspects...and wonder what that would feel like to be there, and to experience what they experience, by virtue of their...sex and their sexuality...and experience what they experience physically during sex...I just would not want to experience menstruation...! ? Regards, Thanks for the titillating question.Bruce

  • if I was a woman I think I would be a lesbain cause I could never cease to appreciate the beatuy of a womans body

    • I tried that. Tried it with a beautiful women and it was great, but too soft and gentle. Too safe. And most importantly, something was missing- guess what it was

  • Probably masterbate with myself

  • I'd definitely start going to the gym more, and I'd be all about getting muscles. I think women is abs, and biceps are sexy. Then I'd probably only leave my room to work out, shower, and clean my stained sheets. Cause I'd be a sex machine, and for all the guys that deny it, there are 1000 that would want to go at it with a f*** machine like me. Worst case scenario I'd get a couple extra mirrors put in and turn myself on.

  • As a man who wants to be a girl, the first thing I would probably do is find a bff to go shopping for cute clothes, shoes, makeup etc. Then I would look for a way to remain like this permanently. I would then get dressed up all pretty with my bff and go out on the town and see what happens from there.

  • I would definitely have sex, because I've often wondered what it feels like for my girlfriend when I penetrate her and when she orgasms. I'd also get a guy (or another woman) to go down on me so I can see how that feels.

  • first I would play with myself, go out and mess around with guys and yes, have sex with one. don't think I would use a guy though. I'd just be a slut =)

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