Accidental anal?

So during doggy style (last night) my boyfriend was REALLY getting into it and his d*** 'accidentally' slipped in my ass. Well it didn't slip right in. It slipped in the very tip and that really hurt and my initial reaction was to yell REALLY loudly (good thing no one was in the house) 'OWW!' Well my boyfriend didn't stop but pushed his d*** in and I screamed BLOODY F***ING MURDER and omg it hurt so damn much if keeled over and started crying. He was like 'omg what's wrong what did I do?' I said nothing I was in total shock. My whole body was shaking. He held me for a while then said 'I'm sorry I didn't realize it was just go in like that. You didn't say to stop'. WTF? Sometimes one doesn't have the energy for words! A A big freaking OW should be enough. Does this sound like an accident or not? He sometimes likes to put a finger in my ass and although I don't really like it I don't say anything. But if he wants to put a d*** in there he should ask first (and the answer would be no either way. The potential health problems are too risky for me).

Right now I have NO desire to have sex with him. We had sex this morning but I just wasn't feeling it AT ALL. I basically faked it because if I don't act like I'm enjoying myself he gets turned off. I know he cares about me a lot. He claims he loves me. But I just don't know if my sexual desire for him will return back to normal. We've been dating for two months btw.

If it wasn't an accident I'm breaking up with him. I like him a lot but seriously I feel like that's practically rape.
Well I talked to him and he swears on his grandmothers grave it wasn't intentional...


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  • Yes, it can happen accidentally. If it was dark or slightly dark and a guy is in that mode or hump hump hump... it can be very easy to mis-align and penetrate in the wrong area. Once a guy does hit the wrong or should I say, "Unintended" area such as the anus, it might not cross your mind at first. Perhaps, we might just think that the for whatever reason vaginal penetration as become difficult such as a drier labia as folded inward.

    Sometimes during vaginal intercourse I like to pull it all the way out, without hand guided insertion, I like to drive it back in as deep as possible. Once in awhile, I might miss. Although, if it does hit a wet anus that is lubed from her natural juice, it can sometimes go in. Mainly because she is already very relaxed and not expecting it. Although, if no anal intercourse has been had before, I'll be able to tell and stop. (Most of the time)

    You should give him the benefit of the doubt and believe this could have been a mistake. I have no problem having anal sex if I want it so I know that sometimes it does happen by mistake and she's not going to think I'm just trying to play dumb about it.

    • My problem is that he didn't stop when I yelled out OW. He said 'Well you say that often Well I do when I'm too dry and stuff (which I wasn't at the time of the 'incident') but that's just a little 'ow'. This was a big freaking 'ow'. I've had guys go to that area accidentally before and their first reaction was to pull back automatically.

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  • Definitely possible that it was an accident. My girlfriend was on top about a week ago, doing all of the work. Se went up, I slipped out, and when she came down, guess what happened?

    Had I been the one in control, I would have been the one blamed. However, I know there are people out that that will do it intentionally, then pretend it was an accident.

  • Sounds like it was intentional if his first reaction was to apoligize when he didn't stop pushing.

    • Well I forget to add that he first said 'What did I do?' so maybe he didn't realize he did it.

  • I wonder how everything is going now 8 months later. I myself don't think it was an accident at all and I actually don't think you even believe it was an accident either. Point blank and straight to the point, if you have been only dating him for 2 months at the time of this incident and he had already been sticking his finger in your butt previously (several times) without you expressing that it is something you don't care for; then he had been thinking and wanting to stick his d*** in there for a while and was just waiting for the opportunity to try. What I would suggest to you in the future is to express yourself or you are going to find yourself in many more situations as such and this advise is not just for your sexual encounters. In life, express yourself or you will continually find people trying and taking advantage of you.


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  • Yeah... it's very possible it was a mistake if it was lubed up/wet enough. The two holes ARE pretty damn close to each other if you aren't paying attention/have your eyes closed in pleasure.

    • I'm sure his eyes were open..

    • Even so, the holes are pretty close. You it's very easy to mistake the two from different angles.

  • U are from the UK

    • No sorry...

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    • I don't live in the USA...

    • I'm Canadian and half my family is British.

  • Well they are pretty close but I'm pretty sure that when he felt that much resistance he knew what he was doing.

    • Probably a good idea. He had no respect for you by pulling that stunt.

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    • He told me that he feels really awful that it happened and he hates himself that he wasn't more careful.

    • That's my opinion. Again you know him better then I do. Writing this you must have had some doubts. Look at what hesaysim2sexy wrote.

      I will tell you once I was laying behind a girl & it was dark so I couldn't see but she said "not there" BUT we hadn't done anything yet so the other was not opened yet. Do you understand what I'm saying?

      It was one incident & I hope that it won't happen again.

      At this point it's up to you to give him the benefit of the doubt or not.

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  • I have heard of many accidents like this.. Don't be so hard on him try talking to him about it and tell him how uncomfortable it was for you .. Why don't you try different safer positions?

  • NO ACCIDENT right there. it happens a lot to me and I cry the whole time he does that. sometimes they don't listen till you finally scream and push him away... :( of course he knows its a different hole. because its tighter. he says sorry after but its too late. if he wants to go there, he should lubricate and condition us. :( sad sad sad

  • It was an accident it used to happen to me all the time when my husband would get too into it. I know it sucks it hurts so damn bad! I cried everytime! It has made me totally scared of certain positions where he is more likely to slip out. I've talked to him about it and obviously he understands and whenever we try those positions he knows he has to go slow and we have a signal where I can signal to him that he's getting too into it and I'm getting scared.

  • i don't think it was intentional at all.. It has happened to me before.. it feels like somebody is pushing a knife up your ass.. I know it is soooo sore, and you feel in shock and stuff afterwards.. but you really think you should forgive him.. you can just tell him that he needs to be more careful and that it can't happen again because it is too painful.. but you should also not be so totally against it either.. going anal is really intense, but if you open yourself up to it, it can really be a very very satisfying for both.. the health problems are nothing to be concerend over.. try it!

    • Its not an accident. There's has been a few times where I was doing doggy and slipped out and almost put it in the wrong hole but I immediately realized because if it was the vagina I would have slid in easily. The opening to the vagina and ass feel totally differently. Its a lousy way for a guy to try to get what he wants, just ask or whatever