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Spit or Swallow?

When giving a BJ do guys like a girl to swallow or spit? And if you swallow is it really gross?

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  • Guys love it when you swallow and we thank you for that. However, most will not care if you spit, and if they do the are either Peter North or highly inconsiderate. We are thankful that you there doing that in the first place. If you suck me off, you can do whatever you like with it.

    As for taste, Alcohol is not good for taste, most fruit is, but I have heard the Pineapple is not as it does not break down in the body the same as say a Orange. Any physics nuts might be able to answer that better. It is my understanding that lots of water is the best for good tasting cum...if good tasting cum can exist?

What Guys Said 16

  • Swallow is better of course.

  • I prefer the girl to swallow but sometimes it fun to cum all over her. Some girls prefer that and don't like the taste. An ex used to like me to cum on her ass and then she would put her panties on and wear them wet all day.

  • I love it when the girl swallows!

    The taste can get some getting used to, but you can get used to it with practice.

  • Swallow... my girl says I taste good... I told her I will eat pineapples next time but she keeps telling me don't, I taste fine.

  • Swallow. ANything more says that you don't enjoy it, it also says that he doesn't mean as much to you. IN his mind he thinks I swallow urs so you should swallow mine... It's just a disrespect thing to not swallow.


  • I am a guy and when I am given a BJ I would prefer that the girl swallows. I have heard that as far as it being gross it is different for every girl and if they like it or not.

  • it might taste gross for you, but its hot as F*** to us.

  • Swallow... a chick once told me that if a guy drinks alcohol often... the cum will taste gross... pineapple juice...or fruit/fruitjuice..sweetens it up a bit.

  • It's up to you, try it and if you don't like it don't do it.

  • Swallow.

  • I prefer that a girl swallow it and/or lick the excess on her hand and on me. I don't have anything against girls who spit, but I prefer to date girls who swallow. I drink vaginal juice during oral sex and hope that my partner will return the favor by swallowing my cum. I also think it is very sensuous.

    Hope this helps.

  • Swallowing is hotter and it leaves less of a mess.

  • Swallow! It proves she really cares for you.

  • This question gets asked a lot so you could check out some of the other answers> My girlfriend sometimes swallows but she's not that keen. She has developed this technique where she opens her mouth and shows me my own cum in her mouth or on her tongue, then slowly dribbles it back over my cock whilst looking up at my face. It sounds messy, but it's sexy as hell. Not recommended if it's your Mum that washes the sheets, though!

  • Swallow it's not that bad.

What Girls Said 10

  • I've always swallowed, mostly because I've never actually figured out the mechanics of being able to spit...There's definitely not enough room in my mouth for all of it, and I'd gag trying NOT to swallow it.

    I've never found it that bad, either. I mean, it's not my first choice of things to swallow, but unless the guy eats weird, it doesn't taste that bad. Make him eat more fruit if it's gross. :P

    • Girl power on swallowing! LOL! I liked your answer.

  • I also consider myself to be pretty good at giving blow jobs and I actually love doing them. To me it usually depends upon the situation as to whether I will swallow. You know sometimes you have to be a little more neat about things and that will require you to swallow. But if possible I prefer just to let him explode. It's messy but fun.

  • i really love the taste of it. i guess it depends on how the guy tastes but i have not yet disliked to swallow...

  • Of course guys like you to swallow. And as far as taste. It depends on what he eats.

  • Guys like you to swallow, but you are NOT going to like how it tastes... makes me think of liquid soap.

    • Your ovaries need to grow...Man up and swallow the load...

  • I don't understand what the big deal is, but I swallow because it's easier, I like having sEmen in me without getting pregnant, and if I tried to spit I would taste it more anyway. Just shove it deep in your throat when he says he's about to cum & it'll just glide down without assaulting your tastebuds.

  • Yeah you should always swallow. It's not gross, but it can take a little getting used to. The thing that takes more getting used to is the texture rather than the taste. Really good cum is thick and gooey and there's lots of it. I actually gagged the first few times I swallowed. After that I never gagged again or had any trouble swallowing. So if you have any trouble at first, don't give up on yourself, keep swallowing, you'll be glad you did.

  • I personaly don't know what guys like, but not one has complained if I swallowed. I like the cum in my mouth and it is not gross at al, but then that's just my opinion. Try it and you will know.

  • For the guy up top who says "swallow, its not that bad"...

    I'm sorry, have you had a mouth full of warm, thick, sticky cum to know how bad it is. I don't know it's weird, when me and my boyfriend first got together sometimes I'd give him 3 head jobs in a day and swallow every time, however now as soon as I taste cum, I have gag reflex, even pre-cum turns me off, I only swallow when surprised or if he's been a good boy and I wanna give him a head job to remember, any other time he pulls it out.

  • Well I have given plenty of Bjs, and I hardly ever swallow cause it grosses me out beyond belief, but because I am really good all the guys I've ever given one to always come back. So I think that if you are good he isn't going to worry too much about you not swallowing, and he should expect you to do it if you don't want to. Never do anything you don't want.

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