How to Turn On a Guy in School !

I just wanna know how I can just sit in my seat, and be able to turn a guy on! Weather it being me touching certain places on myself, sitting a certain way, looking at him certain ways, saying certain things etc.

Thanks! ;)


Most Helpful Girl

  • Hmm bitting you lip or "stretching" is always a good one. Look over in a flirty manner, or ha if you wanna be kind of crazy you could always bend over for a book. Sometimes it could be as simple as getting up "to go to the bathroom". If your the only one standing up, odds are all eyes will be on you, including his. I wouldn't suggest touching yourself though, that just looks odd, and for sitting I suggest crosslegged it shows off your legs if your wearing shorts.

    • Yea I've done stretching it seems to work haha

    • Haha yes it gets them everytime.. guys are so visual its not even funny.

What Guys Said 3

  • Sit in front of him and lean forward on the desk and sport a whale tail.

  • show him you vejajay

  • if your in class, when your looking at work chew at the end of one of your pencils softly, if you don't wear uniform then wear something that shows off your cleivage.

    • Cleivage?

    • Sorry I mean cleavage, you know the top half of a girls breasts that's shown when they wear a top like this*ts2-1.jpg

What Girls Said 3

  • the one I always do and works every time is the classic lip bitting..

  • What is stretching? Is it literally stretching or is that a word used for something else?