Guys, how does it feel to make a girl come in your mouth?

like she's coming nonstop. my man ate me last night like it was the end of the world. and I felt me coming like a faucet slowly yet surely. damn... I told him not to stop. he was taking his time eating me up and the way he licked my clit, omg... I thought I was dying in ecstasy. damn! :)


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  • wooow.,..i haven't seen a gathering of this many p**** eaters since I went 2 china




    oooooohhhhh common its a joke, LOOK IM BLACK IVE HERD IT ALL!

    what do you call a bunch of black people swimming down a stream?


    there! we're even!

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      Doctor, you hit the nail on the head.......this is just damn pathetic.........I bet enough semen was lost on this question to refloat the Titanic.... Just how does this "girl" get her jollys, over this kind of 'sh*t" ? Amazes me and the guys that respond to this are even worse..........

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      Say whatever you want. lol