Guys, how does it feel to make a girl come in your mouth?

like she's coming nonstop. my man ate me last night like it was the end of the world. and I felt me coming like a faucet slowly yet surely. damn... I told him not to stop. he was taking his time eating me up and the way he licked my clit, omg... I thought I was dying in ecstasy. damn! :)


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  • wooow.,..i haven't seen a gathering of this many p**** eaters since I went 2 china....oooooohhhhh common its a joke, LOOK IM BLACK IVE HERD IT ALL!what do you call a bunch of black people swimming down a stream? blackcurrent!there! we're even!

    • Say whatever you want. lol

    • Doctor, you hit the nail on the head.......this is just damn pathetic.........I bet enough semen was lost on this question to refloat the Titanic.... Just how does this "girl" get her jollys, over this kind of 'sh*t" ? Amazes me and the guys that respond to this are even worse..........

    • Lol

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  • Very very gratifying actually. It makes me hard just thinking about it. I want that juice on my face and in my mouth. Must be like when a girl let's you come in her mouth.

    • Not all guys can make their girl come with their tongue. it's a skill and talent :)

  • Totally awesome! I love everything about it.

  • Sounds so hot. I'm jealous!

    • Why you jealous get ur girl and eat her out

  • yummmmm

  • u should be getting him to eat you now lol stop wasting time reading this answercall him in the bedroom click the the red Xr you still wasting time

  • kfc

    • Good one

  • Reminds of Irving Wallace novel ‘The Second Lady’ -A Russian spy tries to find out the sexual preferences s of the US president , by engaging in cunnilingus with the abducted first lady

    • Go go

    • I gotta read that!

    • Damn - hot spy

  • I should say you and your man are damn lucky. Woman reaches orgasm faster by man's tongue play or manipulation of clitoris by fingers than by penis action. It is better to drive her to orgasm first by these methods and thence go on with the penis action leading to ejaculation In your case the man really enjoys cunnilingus and you should consider yourself very lucky!

    • I know. he's so good that I joke afterwards that I need a wheelchair. while he's doing it he gets hard and I like it when he gives to me hard from behind

  • I don't like it , it is very gross to me.

    • Your a rare guy to not like it. You must have had bad tastes and if that's the case, those girls were not clean because it chold taste like nothin and its about pleasin one another more than you enjoying it, I don't like giving oral because I just don't like it, not because of the taste just the feel and all but I enjoy doin it because I'm pleasing my man and I always make sure I do a good job regardless if I don't like it. I know how to do it well too

    • So its not gross to you when ur girl swallows ur cum? that's unfair

    • Yes, but she doesn't stop sucking so I can Cum harder. Plus, I had my tubes tied so she likes my Cum; she says. I am sure she has give head a lot in her life time so it probably is just something she enjoys. I find it pasty or soar tasting sometime, blah !

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  • I like the feeling of her cummin in my mouth. I like to feel her tighten up and I like to feel it keep coming out like that. Yea like him, I keep going to so that she can keep going.

  • I like the feeling of her muscles contracting around my tongue and/or fingers when she climaxes. The taste is great and I haven't found anything else that I enjoy more.

  • its one of the best feelings ever I love it when a girl has a powerful orgasm and cums when I'm down on her. I know I've done my job right when I've got her come all round my mouth and she can't talk anymore.

  • I love going down on my girlfriend. It feels great the way she contracts against my face when she comes. The way she tastes and smells down there is such a turn-on too. Sometimes I wish it would take her a lot longer to come so I could spend more time down there :)

    • Seriously? meeeooooww

  • Feels like an acomplishment. Hotness.

  • I think its so sexy! I love when she is like deliriouse from pleasure and cums so hard she squirts.Not much taste, just very sexy.I love eating pussy!

    • Uhh, you should research what a squirter really is's pretty gross stuff, I wouldn't want that in my mouth, and you wonder y there's not much taste....

    • :) damn! oh yeah I like to shake and come and don't feel ma legs...

  • im not really into that, only certain dudes are

    • Okkk..

    • Yaa only my gf

    • So ur saying, some other girls who are not ur girlfriend can give you head but ul only go down on ur gf?

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  • I absolutely love it.. GOSH! Same thing yesterday with me and my wife. She squirted on my mouth and I drunk it all down.. I then, licked it clean for her. It feels very rewarding for me. Just to know that I can make my girl come while I am eating her out. I also love when she comes all over my face and chest. Give your guy a big hug and a hand shake from me. hahahahaha...

    • I will. ;)

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  • Mmmmmm he licks me harder and shut up just because your shy to get your p**** licked it's sexy come on baby spread em and taste it my man can eat me all day

  • I'm jealous ! lol

    • You people make me sick! lol just had to come back to drop thatSICK I TELLZ YOU!

    • Wow. don't forget the hood lol (treat it liek atreat)

    • I love to lick and such the clit, I have 12 creative way to lick the clit without harm them. The way I lick and lap the clit, they like my tongue than the d***. Yea, do you like it...

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  • Really? You knew the reaction you would get from this. You are a whore, not from what you have done, but how you talk about it. My goodness, keep what is private, private.

    • Haha, so typical.

    • I am just gonna let you get away with calling me a whore because that's ur foul ipinion. lol. and I don't even know you so go to hell with the other bitch who just went crazy over this post. lol. oh its just the same person LOL. its u!

  • We are so all gonna die & go to hell.Seriously?... what is the world coming to?Just really take a minute and read all this...& THINK!What is wrong with everyone.If you don't think this is sick and disgusting there is something seriously wrong with the way you think.--what is the world coming to?..(an end)

    • Girlbehindthechair,this ones for you.I could care less if you don't believe in god or the bible. Go to hell for all I care. But to call my beliefs "stupid" is just ignorant on your part. It shows you weren't brought up right which explains why you're calling the bible stupid anyways. I'll pray for you. Oh and don't try to act like such a know it all, it isn't impressing me. Just saying. & I don't need to get over myself... this isn't about me.

    • Bravo!!! where's this faceless "preacher" hiding now? get out of your hole you self righteous hypocrite lol

    • Christianity is a fictitious novel. There is no heaven and there is no hell, and the pleasures of the body is what makes us human. MONKEYS are 98% alike to our dna, so YOU'RE A MONKEY TOO! Get over it, stop going to church, and get over yourself. You have no right to judge anybody if you really read that STUPID BOOK, you would understand that you are just like all those crazy bible-thumpers that have thrown a MILLION STONES at EVERYONE ELSE, and you never thought you were wrong. Hideous.

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