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Do you get hard in the shower?

So yeah basically that. I always get freaking hard in the shower and of course when I just wake up in the morning... So lol guys is this normal to... Show More

well I guess I'm normal then :P

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  • I get hard in the shower all the time. Don't know why though. Whenever water flows on my junk, I get hard. It's weird. But being hard when you wake up in the morning is totally normal. It happens to me every morning.

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What Girls Said 3

  • I think its normal for most guys.

    ..and most girls.

    I get horny in the shower..all the time.

    I get turned on when I hear a Big truck or motorcycle..idk why but it gets me everytime.

    • Haha when you hear a truck llmao that's funny but interesting thanks

    • "I get turned on when I hear a Big truck or motorcycle"...I have neither but I'm glad my car is loud as f*ck haha

  • Actually, I do get turned on in the shower quite a bit. I would say probably about half of the times I masturbate happen in the shower.

    • Very interesting. :)

  • not really :P

What Guys Said 5

  • wow I guess I'm the only one I don't like having sex in the shower. and the water doesn't do it for me. I need more than that lol.

  • Every time I take a shower, and whenever the water flows on my penis, it gets really hard. I'm almost hard every morning to say the least.

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  • The shower gets me every time and every morning I am always hard. Hope this helps mate

  • What guy doesn't? The water flowing on my penis and gently streaming down my testicles makes me horny.

    • Thanks for you input

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