Do you get hard in the shower?

So yeah basically that. I always get freaking hard in the shower and of course when I just wake up in the morning...

So lol guys is this normal to you...

Girls do you get horny in the shower or what places or situations do you get turned on?

well I guess I'm normal then :P


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  • I get hard in the shower all the time. Don't know why though. Whenever water flows on my junk, I get hard. It's weird. But being hard when you wake up in the morning is totally normal. It happens to me every morning.


What Girls Said 3

  • I think its normal for most guys.

    ..and most girls.

    I get horny in the shower..all the time.

    I get turned on when I hear a Big truck or motorcycle..idk why but it gets me everytime.

    • Haha when you hear a truck llmao that's funny but interesting thanks

    • "I get turned on when I hear a Big truck or motorcycle"...I have neither but I'm glad my car is loud as f*ck haha

  • Actually, I do get turned on in the shower quite a bit. I would say probably about half of the times I masturbate happen in the shower.

  • not really :P


What Guys Said 5

  • wow I guess I'm the only one I don't like having sex in the shower. and the water doesn't do it for me. I need more than that lol.

  • Every time I take a shower, and whenever the water flows on my penis, it gets really hard. I'm almost hard every morning to say the least.

  • The shower gets me every time and every morning I am always hard. Hope this helps mate

  • What guy doesn't? The water flowing on my penis and gently streaming down my testicles makes me horny.