Do girls like to have their shirts ripped off before / during sex?

my girlfriend likes to rip my shirt off before or during sex. If am ever wearing shirt with a collar (polo or rugby shirt) when we start making out she grabs the collar hard and starts to try to rip my shirt off me. She sometimes asks me to leave the shirt on then rips it off just before she c*ms.

But do girls like to have their clothes ripped off? I never do it to her cos I don't want to ruin her clothes!

I might try the same with her next time she wears a collared shirt. Ask her to leave her shirt on, maybe make it a bit rough and suck her nipples through her shirt, then do her doggy style holding on to her collar from behind, then all of a sudden lie back and pull her on top of me and rip her shirt open... something like that anyway...

so I'm gonna try this, obviously make sure its not her favorite shirt! thanks for the feedback!Also, if I've ripped her shirt already, I might c*m all over it too. Really make it messy!Would you like that? rough sex wih a messy finish!?


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  • Unfortunately, that's probably something you'll have to ask her about beforehand, which kind of takes the fun out of it. And make sure she isn't wearing one of her favorite shirts or one that will be expensive to replace if you ruin it.

    I don't mind the IDEA of it at all. However, on one occasion a guy did this to me in the heat of the moment, without my permission. He only succeeded in ripping it less than half way because I stopped him in time, but it would have been a disaster if he had gotten the whole thing, because I didn't have any other shirts with me and would have had to be in public like that. So I was kind of p*ssed about it, because it could have been REALLY bad, and that t-shirt held a lot of sentimental value to me, I was quite fond of it. If it were under normal circumstances, in a private place with some random top I don't care about, then sure, I totally dig that kind of thing, haha. =P

    • Thanks for the feedback!

      maybe I'll buy her a shirt and ask her to try it on. so we won't be in a public place but she won't be expecting it to be ripped off.

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  • Hmmm I like the rough sex and my boyfriend likes to cum on my blouse, so having it ripped open is kind of hot!

    Maybe buy her the shirt you want to rip off?

  • A guy ripped my favorite sweater once. I told him not to because I didn't want it ripped. He ripped anyways, thinking that I was flirting. He ended up with a red slap mark on his face.

  • Clothes are too expensive. Clothing removal during sex can be man sexy with ripping them. I would be pissed to say the least.

  • I think you should better make sure its not her favourite top or a 500$ Versace piece you'r ruining.

    Other than that I think you should talk to her about it.

  • love the long as it's not my favorite shirt.. like what was said already :) ^


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  • I'm just imagining a scenario like so...
    You: *Tears her shirt*
    Her: *Jaw drops* "That was my favorite shirt you a**hole!"