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How do I become a call girl\escort?

I am very good looking, I have a degree and I'm classy, I want to make some extra money.

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  • Becoming a sex worker of any kind is not simple and cannot be summed up in just a few paragraphs or a book or documentary. Such vague information is misleading as you find in interviews and on general “how to” sites and following it can put people in real danger. More and more people are entering the sex industry, but there’s not enough education on how to do it safely and discreetly or how to reach goals and get out safely. Or it’s impossible to find the right info because of so many misleading vague articles on “so-called” respectable sites and media outlets. I’m a retired high-end companion and I teach sex workers how to be safe and to respect them-selves and how to attract respectful clients and minimize risks. I teach how to screen and background-check clients and how to earn more money and be discreet. Lessons are online or in person, real names and personal info is kept strictly confidential. For more info search Modernart LifeCoach on facebook.

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  • im very pretty and love to have fun meet new people and make money

  • If you're really classy don't be an escort. You have a degree, use it. I know it's rough out there as far as getting a job but did you really spend 4 years in school to become a high class hooker? Don't become an escort, go look for a real, respectable job because trust me, escort won't look good on your resume...unless you plan on working at the Bunny Ranch in which case they'll be thrilled.

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