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He asked me to take off my clothes myself so he can watch?

We were Making out and things started to get really hot. He stopped and told me to stand up. I was freaked out because I thought he didn't want to do... Show More

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  • Lol that sounds like perfectly healthy horny guy attitude to me... I'd imagine you turned him on very much. You were fine - don't worry about a thing. He's just over anxious haha...

What Guys Said 4

  • Most likely your strip tease teased him too much and he couldn't wait for you to take off the rest so he just did the rest. = )

    Im sure he liked it, but if you have any doubts just ask him how he liked it

  • He couldn't wait ...

  • Yeah you should feel flattered, you teased him so much he couldn't take it lol. Nothing to worry about

What Girls Said 2

  • Are you crazy?!?! You should feel flattered, he obviously couldn't contain himself and just couldn't wait.

  • u was turning him on its like teaseing lol

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