If you pop your cherry are you still considered a virgin ?

Well my boyfriend just fingered me today for the first time. And he popped my cherry. But I don't know if I'm still considered a virgin.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Cherry is kind of an arcane idea and one that needs to go away. I know a lot of women who kept their hymen intact but had lots of oral and anal sex before they got married, were they virgins? My answer is: why should anyone care? It's their body and their choice what they do with it. You are sexually active currently, are you ok with it? If so, let the question go and enjoy what you're doing. For the most part people who care about virginity are people you don't want to sleep with in the first place. One of my requirements for marriage is that my wife had other lovers and other experience before me (I shine by comparison) so she had a good idea about her own sexual interests and abilities. I think this is good advice for anyone.