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Can all girls squirt?

I just found out I can and I was wondering, can all girls do it or are some girls physically incapable?

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  • Yes, all women can squirt. It's done by stimulating the G-spot until it swells and fills with liquid. The reason why most women don't squirt easily is because just before the body naturally releases it's fluids, you experience a feeling that is often compared to an urge to urinate. Most women fear that and repress it, causing squirting to be much more difficult than it would otherwise be. If you want to learn to squirt, I would suggest trying it alone first and becoming comfortable with it before sharing your newfound ability with a partner.

What Guys Said 1

  • Yea and no. Sum girls I've been with squirt like mad. Sum others dont.

What Girls Said 5

  • We are all born with the abiltiy to squirt, but for many it does not come as easy as for others. In some cases you never learn to do it.

    I am a lucky one where it came unexpectely and very easy, and OH GOSH do I love it!

  • Uhh, yeah. We all have the same sexual reproductive organs. Just like all girls can get pregnant. Unless we somehow damage our vagina or contract some disease/medical condition or genetic disorder.

  • you can but some girls its not natural. like in porn when it comes rushing out that's not how mine works.

  • According to what I've read all girls are capable of squirting. However it doesn't happen naturally with all girls, and many may never learn how to.

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