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A** licking?

The other day my boyfriend was licking me out and moved down and started licking my ass hole it felt really gd so I let him do it! now I make him do... Show More

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  • well every1 who has had his or her ass licked will always love it because we all hav nerve endings dere and it feels really pleasurable if you play in that region... but people who havnt had feels that it is sick because dey see the asshole as a dirty place to lick and hav this as a mental block in their head which is so not true...women pee from jus above dere vagina but still we very well lick the vagina and I don find licking the ass is gross if it is kept clean...

What Guys Said 16

  • i wouldn't mind tryin it but how am I suppose to know she didn't just have a bowel movement 2 min b4 I got over there

    if I wastched her go through a cleaning process I would happily do it

  • I'd do it more but my wife's not that into it. Once in a while I can sneak back there for a second or two but it tickles her too much.

  • Its 1 of my fav parts of sex, it doesn't gross any1, the whole thing is sexy ! :p

  • I do it to my woman all the time. She loves it! When she gets out of the shower...it's all clean. The other night, I had her tied up and teased her there for a while. I dripped some chocolate syrup on it and licked it good. It drove her wild.

  • I don't see anything wrong with licking ass. As long as it is clean-up. Me and my girl do it to each other all the time and yes it feels goooooooooood!

    As long as you two are very confident about yourselves and each other + chemistry. I don't see why not. If you both enjoy it, just keep on doing it. Only you two guys matters.

  • I do it and often!

  • It's really nice to admit that you like to have it done I know a few qirls who have confided in me that they like it but are afraid to admit it for fear of being ridiculed.

  • I love to do it, and have actually been told by my woman, "you need to lick my ass tonight" That tells me she likes it.

  • Licking a girls ass is the best. I love bringing her to orgasm. Would love ot find someone again that enjoys receiving

  • personally i love licking a womans asshole as i think that's how it should be.

  • Jheeeeze. The idea of it excites me...but the type of girls I hook up with would probably see it as dirty :(

  • i understand it might be pleasurable for you, but personally I think I wouldn't like lickig on any asshole even if is it the cleanest ever oral licking on the vagina is fine tohough I guess. ( I've never had anything like that before though so its only my opinion)

  • Girls are pretty clean so if she just came out of the shower and I was in the mood to go down on her I'd do it. Love it when girls like my asshole out too!

  • I like it. me and my girlfriend do it. It lets the person know your really crazy about them and it feels amazing. you wouldn't really think so either haha but yeah!

  • That's so hot especially that you make him do it..I wish my gf was like you

What Girls Said 4

  • wow I didn't know this was so popular... now I'm very curious

  • From every single person I've heard who had it, they loved the feeling. You're definitely not alone. If only I could get my boyfriend to let me know for sure...

  • welcome to the club! LOL! rimming is a pleasure that I love to get over and over again.

  • You're Definitely NOT Weird

    I LOVE that my Friend enjoys Doing It to me But I can never really Relax and really really enjoy because he likes to stick his tongue in.. I'm not a huge fan of that.

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