Should I tell my girlfriend that I'm a virgin?

I want to have sex with my girlfriend but I don't know if I should tell her that I'm a virgin, plus I don't know if she is a virgin. Any comments please?


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  • An awkward position to be in, but more common than you might think. Ideally you want it to just happen spontaneously. Laying out certain facts or asking questions can make it seem calculated - like you're assuming it's going to happen. That can make her mad, at ease or make her feel pressure and joy at the same time. It's all in how you say it. And women can still take things the wrong way. So take your time. She'll appreciate the effort.

    If she knows you're inexperienced, she may be inclined to admit whether or not she is. If it's not her first time, then you're not both in the dark. But it can leave you at the mercy of the guy before, as far as what she now thinks is normal with guys.

    Meanwhile you have all these feelings and no idea what will actually happen. You're on a journey to who knows where - and It's great. Whether things turn out as you imagine or not, it's all part of what makes it a unique,

    But unless you talk even a little, then you're limited to reading clues. So, how long have you known her and how much do you talk about sexual things already? The better you know her, the easier it should be to read her reactions to words - and touch. You may be a virgin in the actual sense, but do you share dreams or desires about what things you're looking for in your love life? Do you talk about turn-offs? Work with what you know. If it's not enough, take the time to learn more. Learn to talk with the way you touch her and to feel how she responds.


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  • This is a conversation I believe you both need to have with each other. If you don't want to or it's too embarrassing then perhaps you're not quite ready for sex. But your questions are things you need to discuss with her. She has a right to know as well as you do about her who exactly this person is sexually. It may get awkward but it should be done before you ever get into bed with anyone.

  • Telling her straight out may be embarrassing and awkward, so kind of give hints. In a conversation bring up the sexual aspect of your relationship so you don't randomly shout out IM A VIRGIN! Start talking about it and she'll either say it out front if she's a virgin or not or give you obvious hints. If she does feed back with you being a virgin, even if she says she isn't. "Yeh I've never been that far with a girl" say something like that. Act casual as if its not a big thing so you'll feel more confident and comfortable when you talk about it with her. Also don't feel embarrassed or the need to impress if she isn't a virgin, because girls hate it when guys go on about how many times they've had sex and when it comes to it they don't no what the hell they are doing, so its obvious they are lying!

    Hope that helps!

  • If you wanna find out if she's one just ask. I would go ahead and tell her that you're a virgin, she deserves to know. But also know that some girls like bein with a virgin and others don't the rest don't find it that important. So you should kind of ease it into conversation for example: "So me and my friends were talkin about bein with a virgin, do you think you would like havin sex with one?" somethin like that


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