Has anyone tried ruderoulette.com?

I understand you are required to be naked on this site. If anyone has tried it, what do you think?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I went on 'ruderoulette yesterday for several hours yesterday and in the evening there were several nude, open legged, (very pretty) masturbating women, one with a small dildo and was also rubbing her clit...later, several women, dressed, in skimpy outfits, tights etc. that were just looking and probably curious...

    I saw several live sex acts involving a shaved female on top of a guy, and also a woman performing oral sex on a guy with him ejaculating in her mouth and on her face.

    I would guess the nude sex was by professional solicitors for porn sites, although there was no advertising etc to show that it was professional...never-the-less, on camera sex

    There is no requirement (how could there be a requirement ?) for anyone to be nude...I wasn't, and the performers 'performed' anyway.

    For whatever it's worth,

    Also, the arrogance of the human male was NEVER in more abundance...some of the ugliest, hairiest, fatest, bald..."men" ? playing with their very pathetic, shrivled penis... TRYING TO ATTRACT A WOMAN ?

    God help us. Now I more completely understand the misplaced arrogance of some of the men on this site...Really scary.