Good ways to finger a girl?

I wanna finger my girlfriend on sat and I want it to be amazing for her. before I've just straight fingered her (she is a virgin) does anyone know any techniques or just things to do with my fingers that'll drive her crazy? thanks for all the advice

Most Helpful Guy

  • Like the guys before me said, take care of your fingers, keep the nails short and smooth and keep the skin soft. It's a good idea to get your fingers wet before touching her because try fingers can cause too much friction. There are so many more nerves in just her c*it than anything on you, and it can become over sensitive very quickly. Also, finding the G-spot is crucial the folks before me have already pointed out where it is, I'm just going say don't get too focused and keep it varied. By stimulating all of her spots in sequence you can prevent any one of them getting raw too quickly.