Do guys like to watch a girl play with herself?

I really enjoy pleasuring myself, and I'm fairly creative when I do. My question is, do guys really like watching a girl do it? Thoughts on this anyone.

  • Hell yeah, they like to watch!
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  • They'll watch if it's what you want.
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  • No, they don't want to see you do that.
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  • I deeply enjoy it partly because I like to watch women enjoy themselves and partly because it shows me how they like to be pleasured. Some guys get freaked out by this and think it is an inditement of their sexual ability. I don't think so, it's much more about your partner being comfortable enough to do what feels good to her. A lot of women need additional stimulation to come and I am always grateful for the assistance and guidance.


What Guys Said 9

  • I chose option B, mainly because I think it's not really an issue of liking it. All men enjoy watching a woman play with herself. It's more of a time and place issue, it really depends on when you do it.

    When I'm in bed with a girl and we're getting down to business, during foreplay, I don't like it when she plays with kinda gets in the way and she's almost undoing what I'm trying to do. I have found that girls get wild when you tease them and it enhances the experience for them. It's the same with guys, but to a lesser extent since we don't really need the sexual build up like women do. The thing is, that when I'm trying to tease a girl, if she touches herself it's almost like her telling me the ending of a book I'm reading. I want to be in control, let me do the work, let ME pleasure YOU. If I'm taking too long, tell me. No guy is going to protest to a girl telling them she wants his cock in her RIGHT NOW!

    On the flip side, I find that it's really sexy if a girl initiates the event by pleasing herself. If she starts to rub herself and nuzzle against me, it lets me know what she's thinking (for once) and to take the necessary to speak. After which, I'll take over.

  • I like a woman who is in her power sexually and comfortable enough to do what she wants.

  • There is no "all guys" answer to any question, but I love to see a girl masturbate. I love even more to get to see her doing it when she thinks she is alone. That is the best.

  • Hell ya that's so sexy when a girl does that and the best part is if she gives you head while she's fingering herself .

  • Sure do. As long as I get to jump in for the finale.

  • Hell yah! Its awsome watching a woman please herself, I can't believe some girls don't do it.

  • Yep, Defineately, mostly because it shows that the girl isn't one of those girls who act grossed out about it. and that they're comfortable expressing themselves sexually. Girls who admit they masturbate INSTEAD of acting as though masturbation is gross and that they don't do it, are more attractive. Those who call it gross and all are a total turn off.

  • I think it depends - some guys can get jealous that you are giving the attention to yourself instead of to them. They can also get jealous if they think you are thinking of another guy while masturbating. However, if I know my girlfriend is doing it to turn me on because she wants me to have sex with her or to tease me into wanting to have sex with her, it can really rock my boat! :)


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  • I've had a few guys ask me to do it for them, so yeah, I think they like it.

  • The fact that it is uncommon and daring is sexy to men. I think most guys think its really hot.

  • Sometimes me and my boyfriend will watch each other start off by pleasing ourselves and watching the other person but then we'll mess together for the final.

  • my man is totally turned on when I start playing with myself :D then he just can't control hisself anymore lol

  • Yes, but they'd prefer being the one who's pleasuring you

  • I love to play with myself :)