It seems that a lot of girls fantasize about multiple partners, why?

OK ladies, I have noticed that a lot of females seem to fantasize about having multiple partners at once (gang bang,double penetration). While I don't see anything wrong with this at all it still kind of blows me away. so many woman don't want to be seen as the slightest bit slutty but will admit they want 14 guys to bang their brains out. haha

Again, I don't see anything wrong with this. it is a fantasy so anything can happen. I just want to see what girls think is so hot about this. Just a question, please don't take it to seriously. I'm not trying to offend anyone or cause trouble. just wanting to get a peek into the female mind.

Thanks ladies for all your answers to this and other questions. You girls make this site fun. keep up the great work.


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  • I know I don't speak for everyone so there are probably a lot of people who'll disagree with this. But I'm one of the girls that fantasizes about that sort of thing - the idea of having five guys on me is pretty amazing. I enjoy (sexually and otherwise) being able to make other people happy (sexually and otherwise) so I guess for me it's more about being able to make five guys happy instead of just one. I'm quite submissive sexually also - perhaps more guys = more of that?

    But it is only that - an idea. A fantasy. I'd never actually do it. It'd feel dirty and wrong afterwards. I know there are people who can do that... but I need to feel really comfortable with AND sexually attracted to any guy I have sex with. So essentially, for it to happen, I'd have to start dating 5 guys at once, coincidentally they'd all have to be the kind of guy I like, they'd all have to be more dominant in bed, and they'd all have to be up for the idea. Which I'd never ask for. I wouldn't go to an adult dating website because then it'd just be for the sex which isn't my thing.

    So I just keep it as a fantasy. I don't know if my guy will ever know that I do, but if he ever did, I'd like for him to know that I'd never actually do it. If he was into that, even then - I don't want to actually go through with it. And besides, as long as there's nothing irrational involved, I kinda like it when a guy hates the idea of anyone else touching his girlfriend that way.


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  • Have you ever heard that more is better! Have any idea the feelings of having guys ravish your body for hours on end, pleasuring you in every way possible? It is something you cannot phantom until you give it a try.

  • I would love to experience a gangbang... I have has threesomes with 2 guys before and it was amazing... I don't know y but I love it I guess just to know that there are 2 or more guys focusing their attention on you and all that's going through their mind is God I wanna f*** the sh*t outa her : )

  • Being the focus of attention, the guys seem to last longer, even try to out do one another! Also, the feeling of "being full" is like no other!

    • So, one very determined, hard working, guy dedicated to you couldn't do the same thing?

      Hypothetically, of course.

    • Sandra you area a star girl!!! Proud there is one woman that admits the joy of being "full"

  • Right well! need women and women need men! we are all put here as pairs right?...when a girl ugly or fit trys it with you it makes you feel good(attention from females full stop), Women like sex and attention a lot more than they say they do. We all make out me included that all we want is to be loved and cared for as if we mention anythin else y'all think were slags, But we loved to be raveged and taken control over and caressed and all the thing you think we don't want or would like we do!

    I don't have this fantasy but my best friend does and when I asked why she said all the attention like nothing else matters in this world than pleasing me a women, I'm having a thought now and I feel the same.

    Many may think this but I guarntee only a minor few would do it!

    Hows that for female brainage!

    • Sounds damn confusing and unbalanced, but hey don't mind hearing woman liking to be taken control of let alone fantasizing more than one guy, I don't know about other guys but I actually fatasize the same, I find it highly attractive for a girl to handle so many guys. I don't know why must be the animal instincts

  • I've never had it but it is something I think about often!

  • Eww. That's all really gross. That's not hot at all. I don't want gang banging or double penetration. I want me and one guy. That's all.

  • In general, women want to be the only object of their man's desire. Unfortunately, men just aren't wired that way and our pride takes frequent blows as a result. The concept of multiple guys wanting us and ONLY us is what makes the fantasy so appealing. Its a self-esteem thing. The sex aspect is very appealing too, but just barely less so.

  • ithinkk it'ss justt tew be free ! tew havee a funn wildd sidee w/o any conseqeunces ! bassically lett yourselff go, andd don't havee a care in the worldd ! while gettin extremely pleasured !

  • So, I read the other posts and interestingly enough, I have a different perspective. I have fantasized about being with multiple partners (2 at the most) but they would be pleasuring me mostly...the act of a guy having his penis in my mouth while another is giving it to me from behind seems degrading for some reason. I would much rather be having intercourse with one while another is kissing me and/or my breasts.

    Don't get me wrong...I enjoy going down and being on my knees with the men I date but I know, when it comes to the porn industry and "pop culture", a gangbang tends to portray a woman like she's just a "hole" that men can f*** and make a deposit.

    But, long as its consensual, to each their own.

  • Don't men also fantasize about having multiple women... or screwing a porn star... but might not want that to happen in real life? Fantasy is fantasy. I think, in terms of our most primal instinct, the idea of having multiple women simultaneously turns a man on because it appeals to his need to feel powerful... he's so powerful, that he is able to attract multiple women.

    Women, in our most primal instinct, want to be desired. We want to be attractive and irresistable to men, and so it turns us on to feel so desired we've got more than one man wanting us at the same time.

    Personally, the idea of 2-3 guys turns me on, but not a big gang bang of 14... just enough to fill up all parts of me.

  • It just turns me on thinking about having 2 or more guys that are all focused on pleasuring only me. And, if they are people that I care about (and not random), then I want to pleasure them too. It's not slutty, it's just more pleasure is better.


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  • I think that the notion that a bunch of guys could all get along and cooperate to give a girl extreme sexual pleasure reveals an interest in civic-mindedness and a general aura of helpfulness, as opposed to a climate of petty squabbling and everyone being a silly self-seeking narcissist.

    In other words, girls like to get laid, so why not have a bunch of nice fellas help out with that -- all at once. I mean, it's not for everyone, or even most people, but it still works for ladies who for inscrutable reasons want more attention than just one guy can give.

  • That is crazy because I have noticed that a lot on this site and I wuz surprised at how many guys were against doin it but I'm deff one of em

  • Maybe it's the whole, "You've got to try everything once" thing.

  • fantasy and reality are two different things. I want to build a space ship and colonize mars. with I do it I doubt it. I also want to have sex in every country in the world, will I do I i f***en hope so.

  • its a sexual way of them asking to be loved and cared for, they can't say they want fourteen hugs, or fourteen boyfriends, or fourteen relationships. most of them don't want that.

    its a shame in society when people have to resort to sex to feel loved and cared for. being cared for is all about recieving!

  • Its just fantasy, not everyone would want to do it...

  • I don't know but I love your pics!