It seems that a lot of girls fantasize about multiple partners, why?

OK ladies, I have noticed that a lot of females seem to fantasize about having multiple partners at once (gang bang,double penetration). While I don't see anything wrong with this at all it still kind of blows me away. so many woman don't want to be seen as the slightest bit slutty but will admit they want 14 guys to bang their brains out. haha

Again, I don't see anything wrong with this. it is a fantasy so anything can happen. I just want to see what girls think is so hot about this. Just a question, please don't take it to seriously. I'm not trying to offend anyone or cause trouble. just wanting to get a peek into the female mind.

Thanks ladies for all your answers to this and other questions. You girls make this site fun. keep up the great work.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I know I don't speak for everyone so there are probably a lot of people who'll disagree with this. But I'm one of the girls that fantasizes about that sort of thing - the idea of having five guys on me is pretty amazing. I enjoy (sexually and otherwise) being able to make other people happy (sexually and otherwise) so I guess for me it's more about being able to make five guys happy instead of just one. I'm quite submissive sexually also - perhaps more guys = more of that?

    But it is only that - an idea. A fantasy. I'd never actually do it. It'd feel dirty and wrong afterwards. I know there are people who can do that... but I need to feel really comfortable with AND sexually attracted to any guy I have sex with. So essentially, for it to happen, I'd have to start dating 5 guys at once, coincidentally they'd all have to be the kind of guy I like, they'd all have to be more dominant in bed, and they'd all have to be up for the idea. Which I'd never ask for. I wouldn't go to an adult dating website because then it'd just be for the sex which isn't my thing.

    So I just keep it as a fantasy. I don't know if my guy will ever know that I do, but if he ever did, I'd like for him to know that I'd never actually do it. If he was into that, even then - I don't want to actually go through with it. And besides, as long as there's nothing irrational involved, I kinda like it when a guy hates the idea of anyone else touching his girlfriend that way.