What happens during a lap dance at a typical strip club?

-Would you get one if in a relationship?-Would you be OK if your girlfriend or wife got one in a relationship?-Can you climax from a lap dance, do you get close?


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  • "Would you get one if in a relationship?"Yes, after the lap-dance talk. If we can't have the lap-dance talk, you're probably the wrong girl."Would you be OK if your girlfriend or wife got one in a relationship?"Yes, after the lap-dance talk, etc., etc."Can you climax from a lap dance, do you get close?"With the right girl. Usually, though, it's either cute, or funny. Sometimes weird, sometimes sad.

    • That's EXACTLY what the lap-dance talk is for. For me, cheating involves abandoning the relationship emotionally, not physically.If some other guy makes her come, and she pays him, forgets him, and comes home to be a good girlfriend, then it's no big deal. I don't want a play-by-play, but I wouldn't forbid her, either.If my girl feels differently, then we're a mismatch, a poor fit.

    • And you're ok climaxing from an orgasm from a lapdance, when in a relationship? I guess I don't see how that's not cheating... I can see a lapdance as a grey area... and if you're actually physically getting off from somebody physically grinding on you, is that over the line?

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  • I have climaxed during a lapdance and the dancer was ok with it.

  • -Only by the person I'm in the relationship with.-Only if it was me.-No.

  • Oh the strip club jealousy question. Going to the strip club is a guy thing. Male bonding time. Yes I have gotten lap dances while in a relationship. Actually my ex girlfriend was so cool she'd go to strip clubs with me. So no jealousy there. I would personally have no problem with a wife of girlfriend getting a lap dance from a guy, because she's coming home to me. No I have never come close to cumming in a lap dance.

    • Nope

    • Ya, I can f*** like a champ. So if you ever want to lose the zero and go with the hero.. hit me up. I will f*** you until you love me.

    • Ok then you are a different person than my boyfriend or I.. because I know my boyfriend would not be ok with me receiving oral from a stripper, and if your girlfriend is ok with that, power to her, but I don't think most guys (or girls) I know would ever be ok with something like that. On the other hand, that indicates your stamina is much more than most guys as I've never had any trouble getting any guy off from a bj.

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  • No I wouldn'tNo it wouldn't be ok with meYes you can, although it depends on how good/long it is.

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