Does Areola Size Matter?

OK, so my areolas are a little bigger than average...well I mean if there even is an average...but I was wondering, when it comes to nipples and it a turn off when they are bigger? I mean my boobs are a 40DD so maybe it makes sense but they are probably as big as a half dollar when hard...I'm so self-conscious about them...any advice would help?


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  • I know me and my buddies don't have much of a preference. I mean there are extremes like dime sized or dinner plates but even then breasts are beautiful and it is more how you carry yourself then the actual size of your areolas or even breasts for that matter. But for me in your case half dollar sized on DD sounds just about perfect proportionately, my wife has a C cup and I'd say she's about half dollar sized and no one has ever complained, actually quite the opposite. And of course I can't get enough of them 26yrs old, a son, and 10yrs later I still look forward to every night =)

    • Thank you :)

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  • Oh My! Don't be self conscience at all! They are beautiful as they are! So what if they are large! Every body is different girl and frankly, many a man loves large areola! I am a lover of breasts so I accept them for what they are. I am particularly fond of darker areola and I love a little longer nipple! 1/2 inch are terrific!

    • Well thank you very much :)

  • i really love big areolias and nipples...

  • keep in mind there are a lot of us out there who aren't boob guys, we couldn't care less what's on your chest. personally I've never dated anyone over B cup. hope that helps

    • Oh yea I know this...I do have bigger boobs though, so it helps when guys like them :)

  • Psh...if I got to see any pair of boobs...I'd just be happy to see them. I could careless how big your areolas are.

  • Of course it's a matter of taste. Personally I think big areolas are amazing, a real turn on. And it seems many guys do think so. No reason at all to be self-conscious! Also, breasts in general are always beautiful. Be aware of that and enjoy it!

  • i like them big. there womanly

  • Sounds very sexy :)

    • Glad you like

    • I just had to acknowledge the picture you have... because its hilarious. haaa!!! idk... I saw it and laughed for a few minutes :)

  • i do care about areolas in my oppinion the bigger the better

    i never could really call a breast magnificent unles there was a pretty nice size areola

    all other breast or beautiful but it the one with the big areolas are the magnificent ones

    • Did any of these answers help?

      which helped the most?

      who gets best answer?

  • We do not care in the least about areolas.

    Not at all.

    Not even slightest little bit.

    We could not care less, what we care about is the over all size of the boobs.

    • Thanks that makes me feel better :)

  • As long as there not HUGE there is no problem, and a half dollar is no where near HUGE. Your fine don't worry about it

  • Advice?...Your boyfriend/husband is one lucky man!..Just lean back and enjoy the ride! doesn't matter.

    • Lol thanks...they're 100% natural so that makes a difference too...

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