Why do guys like making girls gag?

Almost every guy I've been with has at some point grabbed my head and forced me down while I was giving a blow job. Now I wouldn't mind if they just pushed down a little, but I mean when they force it to the point where I gag and make awful noises. Why do they do that? It doesn't feel good for the girl, and it usually makes her pull away. A couple times I've felt like I was going to throw up and I've just stopped. I would think they would do whatever they could to keep you there. Is it just a power thing? Or is it like they want to feel like they're so big that it's too much too handle? Or is it something else I'm overlooking?


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  • I have to answer this because its something I understand. this guy "ilovelegs" has responded to a couple of other questions about rough sex and is making it sound ridiculous and perverted and its not. now, truthfully a guy shouldn't be forcing a girl to gag without talking to her about it force, because that's mean. but its something me and my girlfriend do and she really gets off on taking it. its not for everyone, no doubt! but I'll try to explain it a little.when I girl gags it lubricates her throat, and she can take it deeper repeatedly afterwards.and as a guy it feels incredible to have your way with such a pleasure. I would tell any girl though, don't let a guy do this you don't trust, and not without discussing it first, please. some guys can be mean, and it can be rough. but if you're with someone you trust and love, deep throating is a tremendous thrill for a lot of people, both guys and girls.

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  • That's very disrespectable and abusive and probably caused from his watching too much porn and having no real feelings for you. He's out of control and who knows what he'll do or expect you to do next. The way to handle that is to get up and leave and never be with him again. The sooner the better before his crap rubs off on you and you can't have a decent sexual relationship with a guy anymore without going into some serious counseling. You're overlooking that he's a complete jerk, prev, and worst words than that!

    • See it's not like this has just been one guy. There have been a few. And they've otherwise been pretty nice. That's why the whole thing weirds me out. If it was just one jerk I wouldn't have such a problem with it. I would've just shown him the door.

    • Seems kinda harsh, dear.

  • They're watching way too much porn. Gagging on anything is no fun. It's a little controlling and disrespectful in my view. I would go with your power assessment on this one.

    • Okay, I haven't seen too much porn. And I don't think I've ever seen a girl choking in it. Is this the kind of thing you'd only see in rougher porn?

    • Hah, maybe so. I don't watch a lot of porn but have seen this gagging thing there. If it is in the rougher porn as you suggest, then it's even more likely to be a power and control move.

  • Some girls are masochists and they love that type of stuff. My ex hated it and my new one loves it. Every girl is different.

  • I can only speak for myself. I like the feeling it has on the underside of my penis. It feels tighter, around me...I have asked my girl to deep throat my penis, because it feels good. There has been a couple times when I get close to finishing that I can't help myself...

  • seems like you date disrespectful guys.i would never do that to a woman.

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  • I have something to say about this. The guy I'm seeing right now told me in a conversation that he likes it when girls gag. He never actually gave me a reason, but one day when I was going down on him he lightly pushed my head down to the point of gagging -- but only for a second. He's only done it once and he's good about keeping his hands out of the way. I didn't mind him doing it that one time.I guess it's just a thing guys like. I definitely wouldn't approve of it if he were to turn it into a habit.

  • watching too much porn

  • Ha ha I know exactly where you're coming from, and I think you're right. I think they like feeling like they're SO big that we just can't take it. I've very nearly thrown up on a couple of guys for doing that, though. They don't seem to care that it hurts, and it completely ruins the mood for us.

    • I'm glad you said that. I was starting to feel like it was just me that this happened to and that there was something about me that made guys want to do this. So you really think it's the size thing? Because my current boyfriend did it and he knows he's big. I wouldn't think he'd need the reassurance.

    • Well it makes sense to me. Guys are so wrapped up in the whole size thing, when any girl you ask will tell you she's been with guys of every size. Just the whole idea of being more than we can handle though...maybe that's what does it.

    • Hmm. I guess you're probably right. I mean I've never been with a guy who didn't want to hear how big he was. I wish there was a way to get them to knock it off. Whatever, thanks for answering.

  • I like gagging on my boyfriend it makes me feel like I can't get enough of him in me and I like it when he grabs my hair and forces me down more... I think it's different for every woman... And by the way I don't watch porn after reading all these comments it seems to be an excuse for guys to do it but some girls really like it when they tear up and try harder to get more in.

  • I don't know why they do it but I told my bf in the future if he ever does that then im stopping the bj

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