He won't eat me out... but expects me to swallow 24/7.

I'm just saying if I'm doing this.. I'd like to be tasted too... Am I wrong? He blows it off saying "I've got a killer headache" after I finish him off. or he goes straight to sleep. Ugh. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I've been struggling with this issue for a few months and he finally went down on me so it has been resolved! Thanks to all of you who helped out!


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  • Talk to him about it,express your desires.If he simply does not like performing oral sex on females,then that IS his preference.You can't force him to give you oral sex and he shouldn't be pressured to do something he doesn't want to do.Some people just do not like giving oral sex,and they should not be condemned for feeling so.

    There's no point in doing something you don't want to do(That goes for everyone,whether sexual or not) even if it would please you,if he doesn't like it,he doesn't like it.

    And you obviously do not like swallowing or else you would not have used it as a defense,if you did,you wouldn't through it out like that.

    Are you wrong?No,not at all.Men are not the only ones who can enjoy oral sex.Perhaps suggesting he do it to you before you give him oral sex would help with his "headache" excuse.

    Talk to him about it,the most we can give you is assumptions as to why he doesn't do it.

    I know a bunch of crazy chicks are about to answer saying "just don't give him oral" but using sex as a tool is unhealthy,not to mention,if you genuinely enjoy pleasing him,why would you stop?

    Talk to him,tell him you would love for him to give you oral sex.If he says no,ask why,his reasoning,if there's any thing you can do to alleviate his reasoning(if it ends up being taste or odor) and try to compromise.

    • That's the issue.. he used to always gloat about how he LOVES giving girls oral. He said its his favorite thing to do. He said he did it with all his ex's.. So I am a bit confused... if he were to say he doesn't like it.. that'd be just fine. I love pleasing him.. Swallowing.. I tell him I don't like. I don't do it often.. but he still asks.

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    • He's probably taking advantage of you.You're going down,but you haven't demanded oral.He was obviously a bragger,but isn't living up his expectations set by himself.Have him go down on you before you give him oral.

    • Okay.. I'll update when somethin happens.

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  • "Me first this time."

  • First off yes I am an older man. Listen if your guy is not willing to treat you to a mind blowing pleasure fest before he enters you then he's an fool! I love going down on my girl. OMG! She gets so turned on and just does me with the gusto of a wild animal!. Guys take it from the old man, go down on your woman and LEARN to do it from her. Ask her what feels good. We are not mind readers but we are who this beautiful woman wants us to please them! Youth is wasted on the young, lol.

  • Wow, what a selfish guy. The least he could do is give you a nice fingering.

    If he can't find the time to please you maybe he shouldn't be surprised when you start coming down with "killer headaches".

    • Hahaha! I haven't gotten fingered in quite sometime... I don't know what it feels like anymore :( .

  • WOW I WANNA MEET THIS GUY, HE'S MY FUCkING HERO. lol, but really any guy that doesn't like to eat the pontang is either terrible at it or likes to suck d*** instead...think about it.

    I'm sure any guy here would be willing to eat your sweet pontang pie with no strings attached, no sex just eating your pon. I love eating the pussy, some guys don't realize the control givin to them, if only they knew what they were missing.

    try sitting on his face while he's asleep, GOOOODD MORNING!

  • Dump him and get a vibrator.

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  • Yea! No more sucking his penis until he has a mouthful of your vagina! That Simple!

  • Lol some guys may not like going down on girls because some maybe ashamed of making the girl smell her own p**** you know...but I am glad it is resolved its just some guys that go down on girls through all the wetness of the virgina hits the pubic hair causing it to mix with sweat making the virgina smell be on your partners breath making the girl uncomfortable and embarrast so girls if you feel this way easy way to prevent it is to shave or wax the cat haha it won't make the smell go away but it will make it less smelly you can also douch and eat fruit to make the come sweet haha sorry I read to much books...

  • no more BJs AT ALL until he decides to please you. He seems like a jerk, don't give in and do him first and expect him to deliver later. If he does say he'll do it for you, try to shower first, it can smell or taste really bad if you dont

  • Don't go down on him until he goes down on you, if he asks why you won't do it say you have a headache

  • Good for you!Have funn(:

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