My boyfriend got another girl pregnant. Please help me guys :(

I have been in a relationship for 4 years with my other half. Late last year (09) we got into a fight and subsequently I left him and went to stay with my parents and we did not talk for weeks. After our fight, days after, he had gone out into town on his own feeling sorry for himself. A girl... Show More

I realize he is a douche bag and he doesn't deserve me. But I am dealing with that part of the situation. The part that I cannot deal with is the thought of another woman giving birth to my boyfriends first child, his first son. A child regardless. Help!
Please pray that this baby is not his. It most likely is but please please pray! I pray that this 9 months of torture is to teach him a lesson and for the baby to turn out to be someone else's. I pray that this is just a lesson from God.
I am from the UK. It is 6:30am here and I cannot sleep. I have been going through this for months but I had a bad weekend and it has caused me to think about things so much that I just can't sleep. Every answer I receive is a big comfort to me. Thank you

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  • I was in a very similar situation with an ex many years back. UGH! Boys are f***ing stupid, so are slutty girls but anyway. If he knows this chick has been sleeping around he could request a paternity test to determine if it is his or not. If its not then tell her to go away. If it is his then he has to take whatever legal responsibility the state or country you are in requires. From your grammar and spelling you are not American, so I would have to say that you need to look into the laws where ever you may be. He may be able to sign away his legal rights to the child, meaning he would have no responsibility if she agreed to that. Some places may not require the mother to agree, but you would have to research. If she doesn't agree and he is pressed for child support or whatever is the standard in your country then he must comply or face a bundle of nasty consequences. He chose not to use a condom and must face the consequences. I am sorry for you because I know how HORRIBLE it is to be in this situation.

    My situation turned out somewhat positively; I dumped my then boyfriend as he had impregnated this girl while we were at a party. He screwed her in the bathroom while I was talking to someone else, mind you there were bowls of condoms in the bathrooms that he chose not to use. The chick called me and asked me for the money to terminate the pregnancy. I dumped him and gave her his number and told her I had nothing to do with it. He was so made I gave her his number and told her his full name. I have no idea what they ended up doing but I was done with it.

    Good luck!