Can girls, women, females be PEVERTS, perverted ??

Girls keep on saying that guys are perverts or a perv. and thinking negative on guys thinking about sex all the time!

Well listen here , I think they are perverts!

So what if guys are confident and say something out loud!

A girls only "think" about sex all the time because they are NOT confident... I don't know , Is it because they think it p*sses us off when we are vocal about sex and our feelings toward it? Let me know the facts please


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  • Shut up dude,you give guys a bad name.Girls call guys perverts because immature guys are disrespectful to women in sexual ways.Somethings should be left unsaid.My girlfriend is very sexual believe me,she thinks about sex all the time,but she talks sexual in the right time and the right settings,like when we're about to have sex,as opposed to guys who will blatantly and rudely stare at a chicks chest while she's speaking to him,or having him comment explicitly about her body parts.It's rude,there's a way to treat and respect women and a way to make them think you're a complete total creep

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      I completely agree I want a guy who talks to me not to my rack...