Why do I get turned on when I fantasize about catching my girlfriend cheating on me?

I get really turned on when I fantasize about catching my girlfriend cheating on me and having sex with some random guy while I watch unknowingly to her. But if it ever happened in real life I think id be devastated. where does this fantasy come from? does anyone else have this fantasy? If I told my girlfriend about it would she be freaked out? do you girls think this sounds creepy of weird?


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  • I think that's just voyeurism. Nothing wrong with it. I can't tell you where it comes from, but I don't think it's creepy- after all, you don't want it to happen, you just fantasize about it. I mean, I might fantasize that I never have to work again, but I wouldn't actually want that in reality. I don't know if that's a good example, but I think it's the same basic thing. Anyway, whether or not you tell her is up to you- would she be ok with it? How adventurous is she sexually, and how trusting is she/does she think you are?


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  • Lots and lots of people fantasize about doing things that they wouldn't actually do in reality. I don't know exactly why people fantasize about the things they fantasize about, but they generally exist because of things that happened to you when you were younger, if Freud is to be believed. Your girlfriend might or might not be freaked out. Some people would be, some wouldn't. You know her better than we do. I don't think this is a particularly weird fetish at all, but she might.

  • Okay well is there any possibility that she is cheating on you and you get this feeling because she is? and I don't know why you would get turned on by this maybe just because you are seeing her like that? I am not sure if I would just plain out say it rather figure out why you are thinking of this and getting turned on by it

  • Don't tell your girlfriend about this. Yes, she would be freaked out and possibly think you want her to do this for you.

    Keep it as a fantasy and you'll be fine...

  • ...sounds hot. Don't worry about it, it's just a little bit of kink. Keep it private though, especially if you're girlfiend's on the conservative side.


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  • Nothing odd about that. My Girlfriend and I used to play a game something like that ...keeps the relationship interesting...Hot ? Yes !

  • You want out. We all do.

  • Sounds weird to me...

  • Dude. Relax. What your talking about is actually a really common fantasy. Sure some people would see it as odd, even crazy, but those people might be in to feet as a fetish and to me that's weird.

    What your talking about is such a common one it's even got a name and such a big following it appears on TV documentaries. It 's actually growing in popularity faster than any other fetish according to this poll I heard about. Don't know if that's true.

    It's called cuckoldry or cuckolding.

    Guys who get of on the idea of watching their girl cheat on them are cuckods. The girl/wife a cuckoldress or hotwife.

    It spans a great number of other fetishes sometimes, but is usually a form of submissive role play.

    Does it turn you on to think maybe she likes him more, that she might keep you as a play thing to lick her out but reserve f***ing for the other guy. Does it turn you on to think of her saying he's better than you or bigger than you or that she'd do things for him she'd never do for you? Like anal or threesomes?

    You're not a freak or weird. You're actually quite run of the mill as far as kinks go.

    Now the only thing to decide is... if it turns you on a lot...but you'd never want her to actually leave you, but fancy her cheating in front of you, you should really consider suggesting an open relationship with her. You get to keep her, you get to watch her.

    But be warned it can be a tough sell to a girl surprisingly enough. Ask a guy to cheat-easy, ask a girl to cheat and yet stay with you... hard, but not impossible.

    If you like the ideas, check out the following:



    AND most important, if you want advice on becoming a cuckold, try this: