What muscle do girls find most attractive?

I'm a pretty muscular guy, but not overly, like athletic physique. I can put on muscle really easily, and I was just wondering, what muscle do girls like best? Pecs? Biceps?


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  • I don't really care about muscles that much but if I must choose, I want a guy to be toned all over. It's useless if a guy has great abs but no power in his legs or arms whatsoever. The most horrible thing is big arms but skinny legs lol and I see that a lot.

    A guy should work on everything, I mean, why not work on everything if you started working out anyway? There should be balance.

    And if he starts to work out, it's nice if he can press more than me, but that has never happened before, unfortunately.


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      Hahahaha either ur a strong girl, or you only know weak guys. hahaha. yeah, I work on everything, I was just wondering who finds it most attractive

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      Wow you are really strong my bench is 75 and my leg press is 180

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      bro do u even lift? 1v1 benchpress ill wreck u!