What muscle do girls find most attractive?

I'm a pretty muscular guy, but not overly, like athletic physique. I can put on muscle really easily, and I was just wondering, what muscle do girls like best? Pecs? Biceps?


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  • I don't really care about muscles that much but if I must choose, I want a guy to be toned all over. It's useless if a guy has great abs but no power in his legs or arms whatsoever. The most horrible thing is big arms but skinny legs lol and I see that a lot.

    A guy should work on everything, I mean, why not work on everything if you started working out anyway? There should be balance.

    And if he starts to work out, it's nice if he can press more than me, but that has never happened before, unfortunately.


    • Hahahaha either ur a strong girl, or you only know weak guys. hahaha. yeah, I work on everything, I was just wondering who finds it most attractive

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    • Wow you are really strong my bench is 75 and my leg press is 180

    • bro do u even lift? 1v1 benchpress ill wreck u!

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  • chest, abs, and arm. I couldn't pick between those 3 which one I like best

  • stomach... I also find a very muscular back very sexyy

  • the one between your ears :)

  • arms, back, and chest. abs dnt really impress me.

  • ABS ABS ABS ABS ABS! abs are sooo sexy I could care less about any other part I just want abs

  • Lol, I never really thought about it before, but for me, I guess it'd be the shoulders. You need the rest to balance it out, like arms and stuff. Please DON'T put on muscle though, if you already have some. I don't care WHAT wrestling mags, or any other things say, 9/10 girls, if not more, think that a load of muscle is grotesque; it's just that most of those in the 1/10 category are more verbal about it.

    • Do you mean shoulders as in shoulder width? or as in large shoulder muscles?

    • I mean muscles, mainly. Just the whole way they move, I find... mmmmmmm. I guess because it's a place I can look without it seeming I'm looking at anything, and because seeing the way someone moves their shoulders tells about so much more than almost any other part of the body.

  • Besides your brain, Arms, back, and shoulders. Just FYI. At least for me, A guy that is ripped out of his mind can be intimidating until you get to know him. Have fun!

  • 6 pac and biceps for me.

  • 6 pac <3

    • Ok thanx, haha well already got one of those :P

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  • try reading the girl magazines that pretty much brainwash them on what the ideal man should look like...usually it's the whole package, arms, chest, abs, and so forth...btw, arms may be exposed but, the pecs and abs underneath kind of lets a girl's mind wonder and think more.