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Why would a guy put his hand under my shirt, on my stomach?

when we were tickle fighting...

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  • 'Cause he wants you.

    • Then why didn't he want me to stay for movies even if it was midnight...

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    • I don't know.. maybe it really was too late for him.

    • Could be that it really was late, or maybe he just felt like he didn't really feel comfortable at the time. Ask him, I mean just say hey, remember when you put your hand up my shirt? Why did you make me leave?

What Guys Said 1

  • If this is a boyfriend no telling, probably wants you.

    If this is a casual friend most likely this is the opportunity that he has to make a move on you, maybe he likes you but this is the first chance he has had to say hey, maybe I will touch her skin and see her reaction. Pretty much he wants some either way...

    • Why would he made me leave early by saying its getting late

What Girls Said 2

  • i have had the exact same thing...

    the guy prob wants you... it was probebly to late for him. do you consider what he had on the next day? work\ ect...

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