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Finishing off in her mouth?

do all guys love it when the girl lets you come in her mouth?

i mean I love it lol I was just wondering about guys... lol

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  • Yea I do like that better when I get to finish in her mouth but it doesn't matter. It feels good anyway, no matter where I finish.

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What Guys Said 6

  • As long as you're not trying to have a baby.. It makes cleanup easier.

  • It is the best feeling ever. Not only does it feel great, but you get the psychological buzz from it too just knowing that you came in her mouth...

  • I like finishing in my girls mouth although she complains about the taste sometimes if I drink coffee or eat certain foods. There's nothing hotter than going to town on your girl and then having her beg you to put it in her mouth when you're finished.

  • Its awesome! Always a turn on. Especially when I release a huge load in her mouth. Its great! :D

  • no, I wouldn't mind if she didn't want to I mean I would never eat her cum, so why would I expect her to eat mine

What Girls Said 1

  • No not every guy likes it. My boyfriend thinks its rude and disrespectful.

    • :(. I love to finish in a girl's mouth!its such a turn on.what do you think about it? does it bother you that he doesnt?

    • Noooo. Not at all. I don't want him to finish in my mouth.

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