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Do guys REALLY like it when a girl is really wet?

Some guys say they absolutely LOVE it cos it makes them feel like they're doing their "job" right. Others don't seem to find it that much of a turn... Show More

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  • In some ways. many guys, including me, love to have a little physical feedback. We don't have that convenient easy measure like you women do with the male erection. A clitoral erection is a bit hard to judge some times. Intravaginal infrared photoplethysmography really does the trick for measuring physical arousal, but it's mite bit of a turn off, unless she has a bit of a medical kink. So I guess, over all, it's just reassuring to see/feel a physical response. Sense of pride and all that. . 'Course there are many things that can effect the production of lubrication. It's absence does not indicate failure to arouse, but it's presence is an indication of success. As men we'd like to feel like we did a good job. Even if it was, in actuality, caused by the sight of some hot girl across the room or the though of some hot toy in the sock drawer. ^_^Just my thoughts.-B

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  • yeh of course. the wetter the pussy, the better the sex.

  • hells ya its gotta be wet. its not doing the job right, each girl is different. if its not wet enough that's when the lube is busted out. makes the sex better,

  • i love it.

  • Yes I like it when you get really wet. Like you said I know that your turned on & for me it's more of a slippery friction (which is good) rather than a more dry abrasive one.

  • Yes I really do like it when my girl gets wet. the wetter the better because that does mean she's turned on to me and like you said. I'm doing my job right. I find that a big turn-on when giving her oral more than when having sex, but lubrication is good because that's what the wetness is for to make having sex easier on both partners. That's also the reason a guy has precum when he gets hard. .

  • no doubt, it's the best when she's really wet. makes sex enjoyable. however there are times during the month when she's not as wet as we'd both like, so out comes the lube. haha.

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