Should a non-virgin girl date a virgin guy?

i recently started talking/dating a very attractive 20 year old guy who I like pretty well. he hadn't even tried to have sex with me which I found odd but comforting. well I just recently found out that it's because he's still a virgin. do you think it would work between a girl who's had.. well experience, and a guy who hasn't had any at all? and what are the pros and cons to this?


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  • 23 year old virgin here, telling you that it's perfectly OK for you to go through with this if you like him. If I could choose, I'd rather have a girl who's had it before, as opposed to one who's also a virgin. But it wouldn't really matter to me in the end.

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  • 20 year old virgin guys are usually dating the girls they want to pop their cherry. If you're not cool with that, bail out.

  • This is a silly question, but I will humor you.

    Why wouldn't it work?

    If he has sex with you one time "poof" virgin no more (yay).

    Also, you would really be missing quite the opportunity by passing him up.

    He has no sexual experience so basically you get to teach him everything you want him to know. You are able to design your perfect lover out of this unhindered guy. If you are open he will come to you with his questions about sex and how things feel.

    For every guy that wasn't what you wanted you are about to have a guy that you can mold to your specific needs.

    After you get him trained you can just tell him what you want (him in charge, him submissive, whatever floats your boat).

  • I always wondered this same thing. If it'd be better to date a virgin girl.

  • well if you love him give him time and he will want it :D I don't realy know how to answer but yea lol


  • I SEE many strong powers within this virgin.

    I SENSE great things will come out of him

    YOU, and ONLY YOU, Anonymous User, may mold this young boy, into a man.

    Use all skills, knowledge, weapons. Draw on your past experiences.

    Failure to complete your mission, is unacceptable.

    You, TONIGHT, will be known as:


    Hasta la vista, Virgin

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  • ofcourse it would work, he has to start somewhere, we all start as virgins.

    If like him enough to be patient and help him out until he gets the hang of it than it will work just fine

    pros is that he isn't a guy who has slept around much before getting to you which I like, they're just more pure mind and physically,

    there is no cons unless you find it frustrating that you have to be the one to take control and guide till he gets the hang of it--but if you like him that shouldn't be a con

    and another pro is that once he's done it a tew times you will love it-- hopfully