Squirting on guy's face?

guys this is for you! if your girl's a squirter, and you're going down on her, does it ever gross you out if it happens to be shot onto your face? how about what happened when you first found out your girl could do that? did it shock you in a good way? (I'm assuming good because I hear that most... Show More

Most Helpful Guy

  • you just need to ask him about it. does he even know can do this? plus, the squirting itself is not an orgasm... if you can, maybe have an orgasm (or 2... or 3 hehe...) first, maybe then have him make you squirt... you might have only had the experience DURING orgasm so maybe having him lick/finger you to orgasm then maybe just fingering you to get you to squirt would allow him to enjoy seeing it, if he decides he does not want it in his face. feel free to message me here if you have more questions. most of all, communicate and enjoy it!

    • Yeah when I orgasm, it just comes out. but thanks, ill give that a try! :)