Squirting on guy's face?

guys this is for you!

if your girl's a squirter, and you're going down on her, does it ever gross you out if it happens to be shot onto your face? how about what happened when you first found out your girl could do that? did it shock you in a good way? (I'm assuming good because I hear that most men love when a girl can squirt. please correct me if I'm wrong though).

cause whenever I bring myself to orgasm, sometimes it comes literally like bursting out. he has given me oral previous times before. but I just recently discovered I can do this. and now I do it all the time. and I don't want to gross my guy out the next time when his face is down there. because it gets really messy :/


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  • you just need to ask him about it. does he even know can do this? plus, the squirting itself is not an orgasm... if you can, maybe have an orgasm (or 2... or 3 hehe...) first, maybe then have him make you squirt... you might have only had the experience DURING orgasm so maybe having him lick/finger you to orgasm then maybe just fingering you to get you to squirt would allow him to enjoy seeing it, if he decides he does not want it in his face. feel free to message me here if you have more questions. most of all, communicate and enjoy it!

    • Yeah when I orgasm, it just comes out. but thanks, ill give that a try! :)

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  • I've never had the pleasure but I would be honoured and delighted to have a girl drench me from head to toe with her love juices. It's incredibly sexy. Totally worth the mess!

  • I love it. Recently I had sex and was coved from my chin to my waist after fingering her, giving her oral at the same time and couldn't get enough of it.

  • Sounds like it'd be pretty awesome to me. If nothing else it'd be a nice surprise you could have a laugh about later. Might want to warn him or give him some goggles though, depending on how strong it is.

  • ask him if its OK if he likes you to come on him. chances are very high, he'll say yes cuztechnically he's still there with you, I assume

    lots of men like a woman ejaculate, hell I do! makes me feel like I accomplished a mercenary mission... I killed that pussy!

  • I've never had that happen to me, but would love it if it did. I would find it really hot to have a girl squirt in my face.

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  • The first time I squirted it was a bit of a surprise for the both of us. It did get him in the face and he did not mind at all. Have done it many times since and guys seem to like it, maybe a bit too much. I also have had the opportunity to have my face squirted on while giving oral to one of my girlfriends. I enjoy it as well.