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Sucking on finger

So when me and my boyfriend are making out, he sometimes puts his finger up to my mouth so one day I decided to just do it so I sucked on his finger... Show More

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  • just about anything you do is going to turn him on for no logical reason and that is one of them guys are just sex machines with a lot of ignition buttons and few shutdown buttons

    • Haha nice=)

    • Thanks that's the best metaphor I ever cam up with

What Guys Said 5

  • i don't know but its hot

  • if she sucks ur finger she's in a sucking mood so its one step closer to getting a blowjob

  • i always imagine how good it would feel if it were my d***

  • i love it when girls do that... I guess guys just like when girls suck anything :S it's pretty hot. but I don't know there's not really a reason. we're just naturally turned on by it I guess..

What Girls Said 1

  • He's thinking about head. Lol.

    My boyfriend gets that look in his eye whenever I have anything in my mouth like that.

    Plus when a guy's already turned on, pretty much anything you do will be sexy to him.

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