My Friend Wants To Watch Her Husband Blow Me. Thoughts?

Hey guys -- a friend of mine, who's in an open marriage, wants to watch her husband blow me. I've fooled around with her with her husband watching before, but she wants to see her husband pleasure me now. I've never been there with another guy and I'm kind of apprehensive. What do you all think about the situation? Am I just uptight to have reservations? Does that make me gay or bi? What do you all think?


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  • Well, hey, you don't seem completely against the idea, so that's where you should start. Remember: you don't have to do it just to make her happy. Only do it if you're into the idea. I wouldn't say that it necessarily makes you either gay or bi, just curious. You may or may not like what's being done to you. I'd learn towards the idea of if you DO enjoy it, then you may want to question whether you're bisexual or not, but either way good luck and have fun!

    PS -- What does her husband think about this? Do you know if he's bi, by any chance? You're going to experience a completely different thing if he's straight and trying to make his wife happy than if he's going to actually be enjoying what he's doing.


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  • WTF ! Ok . . If you have given this any thought what so ever . . I mean for you to actually ask this question I assume you have to be BI . I mean this is banana's if someone asked me I would be pissed , but you seem cool about this so what does that tell you about yourself ?

    • No offense but you haven't contributed anything at all to this. It's a serious question, and not something I'm crazy about. If I was cool with it I wouldn't be posting this here. She's hella kinky and is into the whole "cuckolding" fantasy. I'm not into guys, but I do have a thing for married women. Thanks for the response, though.

    • No offense , but you asked the question and I gave MY HONEST THOUGHTS. If you don't like what you going to hear don't ask questions. If you have to ask if you should let another guy suck you off . . . you have the problem not me . Sorry !!! If you go back and read what I wrote I was telling you that only you can decide what you should do and only you can give yourself a label. What the hell do we all know ?? Please read between lines otherwise your wasting my time .

  • you're not bi or gay! sex is sex, there shouldn't be labels on it. it's not like he's f***ing your arse! a blowjob is the same whether it is from a man or a woman. and you know what they say. don't knock it 'til you've tried it. Just try it and see if you like the experience.

  • i don't know, it all depends on if you really want to do it or not, if your writing this question then you have to be a little bit curious, I would say. maybe tty it? I don't know, if you curious what's the worst that could happen?

  • well if ur just curious doesn't that make you bi-curious? and its totally up to u... I don't know if I was you I don't know if id let my friend blow me... kinda awkward


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  • That makes you bi at least. If you are bi, or gay, then fine, but if you are getting a blow job from another guy and you're not in prison. Just don't do it unless you want to.

    • I'm leaning toward your opinion. Not a fan of the idea. Thanks for the reply

  • Ok so she wants to watch her husband give you a blow job correct? That would mean your bi, if you let that happen, now I don't know if you want that, but me personally she would have gotten a big HELL NO. But that's just me.

  • So I'm curious... how was the bj? ;)

  • ok im married and have a girlfriend, my girlfriend likes to watch guys blow me.its just a blow job its not like he is my boyfriend or something, i like it cause it turns her on makes her into a animal then we get to have our way with her.