My Friend Wants To Watch Her Husband Blow Me. Thoughts?

Hey guys -- a friend of mine, who's in an open marriage, wants to watch her husband blow me. I've fooled around with her with her husband watching before, but she wants to see her husband pleasure me now. I've never been there with another guy and I'm kind of apprehensive. What do you all think about the situation? Am I just uptight to have reservations? Does that make me gay or bi? What do you all think?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well, hey, you don't seem completely against the idea, so that's where you should start. Remember: you don't have to do it just to make her happy. Only do it if you're into the idea. I wouldn't say that it necessarily makes you either gay or bi, just curious. You may or may not like what's being done to you. I'd learn towards the idea of if you DO enjoy it, then you may want to question whether you're bisexual or not, but either way good luck and have fun!

    PS -- What does her husband think about this? Do you know if he's bi, by any chance? You're going to experience a completely different thing if he's straight and trying to make his wife happy than if he's going to actually be enjoying what he's doing.