Slept with my son-in-law and now I'm pregnant.

Wowzers...I found this on another cite. What would you do? I have searched all over the web for this situation and I have yet to find anything that remotely correlates. I lost my job a few months ago and I moved in my eldest daughter and family. I will admit right here and now that I have... Show More

Mischiefmouth69: To respond to your douche bag comment….I might have believed you had common sense to read at the very top “I found this off another site”, IE: not my story to understand I was trying to only get opinions from girlsaskguys.

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  • jesus christ, I mean if he was dating her daughter that's one thing but to be married and sleep with your wifes mom...woahhhh lol that's some crazy sh*t, I've def wanted to sleep with a few of my girlfrtiends moms, but that's because I was in HS and hell it would have been fun as sh*t...and I knew I wasn't going to marry any of the girls, but that's crazy!

    • Good point- that kid is crazy lol

      i mean your wife& husband, they are the family you CHOOSE consciously , not just because your parents had sex.