Kiss on the forehead, kiss on the nose, kiss on the lips.

What does it mean when my boyfriend kisses me in this sequence? Always forehead nose and finally lips.


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  • A man who kisses you on the forehead or the nose, truly is a gentle man.

    A man kisses a woman on the lips. I kiss my little girls on their foreheads and noses, and their cheeks every night, before they go to bed. I was a bad man (once), but God made me a good man, by giving me girls...

    Once I used to drink and fight...sometimes, I would drink Whiskey all night, screaming "Johnny Be Good, tonight, tonight!"

    But now, as I am a Father, I understand your question, completely.

    • I'm glad granted you girls! I know from your answer your girls are very lucky to have you as their father. Thanks for the answer!

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  • well kiss on the forehead is like a loving kiss...on the nose is a playful kiss...and on the lips can be anything really..sounds like he's just showering you with love

  • I am doing it to tease my girl :D

    Forehead is like, want to kiss, please...

    Nose - Well maybe give you a real kiss..

    Lips - Ha please also kiss, you want more ... Take it ! XD

    Then my girl begins to kiss me passionately (devil) Rawrr :D - Because she always wants more

    Sorry about my english :/


What Girls Said 3

  • I think it's kind of a cherishing thing. Not just a sexual thing, but affection. A forehead and nose kiss is just a little more loving then always kissing just the mouth.

  • I have no idea, but it seems so sweet! Lucky duck!

  • I guess he just likes doing that. Many guys I've been with liked to do the same thing. I liked it:)